10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Easter! I have family in town and we are celebrating together. It’s so special to me to be able to have everyone at my house! We have a family tradition that my grandma started and that I’ve continued because it was always my favorite thing.

Every Easter, we have a “hunt” that’s a scavenger hunt for presents around the house. Each present has another riddle on it, and it kind of became a big race!

I still use her original clues every year to create a new version for the next generation. It might be my favorite family tradition.

Easter-themed sugar cookies

1. We just went on our first trip with my son (he’s 2) and traveling with a toddler was way more daunting in my head than it was in reality. But there were a few things that helped.

This stroller was amazing! It folds up really tiny and fits under your seat or above your seat on the plane. There was another mom in the airport who had it too, and she showed me how she added a strap to it to make it a backpack. Genius. A few mom friends and I share travel stuff like this and it helps!

2. I recently ordered some grape Olipop, and it is hands down my favorite flavor. It reminds me of a Crush soda. The code “abeautifulmes” will get you 20% off your order!

3. I bought this pair of swimsuit bottoms for our trip—they have POCKETS! Always excited about pockets being added to clothing, haha.

4. I also got this coverup. I had found a few more expensive versions, but this was great and easy to throw on (or throw in) the stroller.

5. This fridge pouch organizer can hold all of my son’s yogurts and applesauces on the side of the fridge! It’s saving us a bunch of space.

6. I added brass frames with vintage and family photos to my office wall—it was really fun collecting them! I think I’m going to add a few more photos so it spans the whole wall. I got all my frames from thrift stores, except I found some more ornate ones on eBay.

7. We’re planning my son’s second birthday party and I’ve landed on the theme “Two the Farm!”. I think I’m going to attempt a barn balloon mosaic. Wish me luck!

8. In Scottsdale, we went to the McCormick train park and it was so much fun! My son had a blast riding the train and didn’t want to leave.

I started following the JoCo Park mom Instagram account— if you’re in the KC area or have a similar account where you live, it’s super helpful to scope out the best parks for weekend fun!

9. Are you “Team Peeps” or wondering what to do with some that showed up in your Easter basket? I made cotton candy s’mores with that flavor of Peeps, and I may be Team Peeps now. Bonus: Easter candy is probably on clearance starting today so you can stock up!

10. Earlier this month, I found the chair that both Elsie and Laura have in their homes on Marketplace for a really good deal, and was super excited. So excited that apparently I didn’t measure correctly.

I spent 20-25 minutes in a Target parking lot trying to get it in my SUV. Was it worth it? Now that it’s home and in its spot, I can say that I 100% love it. Haha. But while I was shoving it into the back of my car … no comment. 🙂

Hoppy Easter! xoxo, Claire

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