12 Wellness Products That Will Help You Stay Healthy During the Busy Holiday Season

From now until New Year’s Day, your schedule will likely be packed with holiday parties, work events, shopping for gifts, and family get-togethers. Throw in a busy to-do list and extra stress at work, and it’s no wonder most of us tend to lack the motivation, time, and energy to keep up with our workout routines through the holiday season. Even the most dedicated joggers and biggest gym rats can struggle to stay active with schedules this packed. However, just because the holiday season is festive and busy does not mean we need to stop prioritizing our bodies. In fact, we need to prioritize our health even more when we feel like we don’t have the time. Scroll on for our shopping list of wellness products you’ll need to help you stay active, prioritize your body, and keep yourself healthy through January.  


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Weighted Bangles

These weighted bangles are going to be your secret weapon to stay fit through the holidays. They strap on to your wrists or ankles for full-body toning, are easy to throw in your carry-on for travel, and can be worn during any exercise like walking or jogging for an added boost. And most importantly, look how cute they are!


Wellness Journal

When we're busy with holiday plans, sometimes it's more about being intentional about our schedule in order to fit in some exercise. This daily journal will help you set intentions and arrange your schedule based on health goals and self-care, so you'll find time to fit in movement where you can and be held accountable to actually follow through.


Percussion Recovery Gun

For days where you're too tired, sore, or busy to work your muscles, give a little TLC to the body with a deep tissue massage instead. This genius device breaks up lactic acid to help with sore muscles and to improve muscle recovery, because when we barely have time to work out, we don't have time to be sore for days.

Bee's Wrap

Food Wrap

When we prioritize getting nutritious foods, it's easier to prioritize staying active, but remember that health is always holistic! Since taking the time to meal prep, cook, and grocery shop for healthier food is harder when we're busy, having sustainable, easy tools that make prepping easier is essential. This eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap or aluminum foil will help you prep healthy foods in advance to store throughout the week (including turkey leftovers!).


Under Desk Elliptical Machine

For the days your schedule is packed from the second you get off work, fit in movement while you have Zoom meetings and check off work tasks, thanks to this elliptical that fits under your desk for a little extra movement (without having to get up from your chair).


Weekly Pill Organizer

With visiting family across the country (or the world), there's a lot of traveling through the season. These nifty and cute weekly pill organizers pack all the probiotics and vitamins that help you feel energized and healthy. Keeping up with all the habits that make you feel your best will help you prioritize exercise too.


Time Marker Water Bottle

When we're drinking peppermint mochas and eggnog all day, it can be easy to forget to get enough water. This bottle with time stamps will help you keep track of your water intake and also keep you accountable to drink more. The body needs optimal hydration to stay energized and for healthy muscles to keep up with your exercise. This water bottle will help you get there.


Light Therapy Lamp

When the weather is cold and cloudy every day, it's easy to lose motivation and energy to get out of bed, much less to do a full workout. The reason? The lack of sunshine can leave us feeling drained. This light therapy lamp is the next best thing to actual sunlight to boost energy, vitamin D levels, and sleep. Don't let the weather keep your energy down—you can still have the motivation to crush workouts until spring.


Portable Lunch Bowl

You'll be much more tempted to skip a workout and binge Hallmark movies after a day of cookies, stuffing, and holiday leftovers rather than a day full of eating fresh, whole foods that make the body feel good. These portable lunch bowls pack or store food, so you never have to skip your veggies while on the go. Bring some roasted veggies to the office instead of getting takeout for lunch or bring a homemade meal while traveling instead of opting for fast food. Your body will thank you later.

The Good Patch

B12 Awake Patches

Thanks to long travel days, hangovers after holiday parties, and a busy schedule, we can easily lack energy to move the body. While you should always prioritize rest when the body needs it, if you're dealing with more of a lack of motivation than fatigue, try these patches to help restore the body for more energy. Use them when you're traveling, have an extra busy day, or just need a boost. Be sure to talk to your doctor before adding any new supplement into your routine (even if it's an external patch).


Sunrise Alarm Clock

Especially for early risers who love to fit in a workout first thing in the morning (or may only have time for a workout if it is first thing in the morning), this time of year is especially hard because the sun rises later, so it's pretty dark and gloomy in the morning. This alarm clock will mimic the sunrise to bring you optimal energy whenever you wake up to get that workout in.


Foam Roller

Staying active is not just about intense cardio or sweaty sessions at the gym. Staying active means tending to your body whenever you can, and doing a little foam rolling before bed is the easiest way to give your body some TLC and help with muscular health. Plus, this one is easy to travel with for self-care on the go.



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