16 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose an Old Spice Rack

Don’t let your old spice rack collect dust. Choose one of these clever ideas to repurpose your old spice rack and use them around your home to organize in genius ways! If you have one (or several) stowed away somewhere, you’re in luck. We’ve put together 16 fabulous ways to upcycle your wire, wooden, and carousel spice racks.

Brilliant ways to repurpose old spice rack - 3 ideas shown


Unique Ways to Reuse Old Spice Racks

1. Every Doll Needs a Closet

Got a doll fanatic in your house? Every doll needs a place to store their clothes. Turn your old spice racks into a doll closet. Toddler clothes hangers fit great on the little hanging bar, and you can even personalize them for your kid’s room. This is a great way for your child to keep their doll’s accessories organized and up off the floor. Cute!

Repurpose old spice racks into a wall closet for your child's doll clothes.

2. Spice Up Your Wall Flowers

This spice rack-turned flower basket is impressive! Not to mention beautiful and would look great if you have a farmhouse vibe in your home. Grab some jute, a wire spice rack, and a hot glue gun, and you’re all set to make your basket. These would look great inside or out on your porch. Flowers always say welcome, come on in!

Your old spice rack can be transformed into a great place to house your indoor wall plants.

3. Brilliant Little Book Shelves

Raise your hand if you are an avid reader (we prefer the term Bookworm) like me! Encouraging the little readers in your home is SO important, and what better way to do just that than creating the perfect book nook for them to flourish. Spice racks make wonderful bookshelves for displaying your child’s favorite books. They are simple to paint however you’d like and just the right size to keep all your child’s favorite books. What a fun way to create an inviting little reading space.

DIY your old spice rack into a book shelf for your reading corner.

4. Crazy Cool Craft Spice Racks

We are also joyful crafters in our house. Whether it be painting, coloring, gluing, or any other messy fun project, we are always up to our ears in crafting supplies. Organizing all those fun and colorful crafting materials can get a little chaotic.  Add one of these great storage hacks to your kids’ crafting area to hold paints, dot markers, bottles of glue, etc. If you want to keep the mess to a minimum, you can store all your art stuff in a larger tote (perhaps in the garage) and only put what you want out on your kids’ shelf as they need it.

Create a custom craft storage corner for your kids with this old spice rack idea.



5. Perfect K-Cup Organizer

If you’re a Keurig addict, you probably have loads of K-cups in a basket, box, or drawer. This can take up so much room and it’s not really very helpful when trying to dig through and find what you want. Instead, make a K-cup organizer out of an old spice rack to see all the flavors you have! Not only do I love this idea to keep your drawers decluttered, but it’s also more inviting for friends when they come over for coffee.

Brilliant spice rack idea to organize your k-cups in the kitchen.

6. Organize Your Creative Space

Are you a craftaholic? Do you know a craftaholic, lol? Everyone knows at least one, and more than likely they have a crafting room or area for all their materials. This is a great way to get all the smaller materials organized, safe, and easily accessible. Put beads, buttons, pins, and other craft materials in your old spice rack bottles. The rotating racks are great for this hack or you could use wall-style racks to mount up and out of the way!

If you are a crafter, repurpose your old spice rack into a material organizer for all your smaller crafting items.

7. Display Your Desk Storage

I love my desk, and in all honesty, I am addicted to office supplies. So this DIY may be one of my favorites. Turn your spice racks into desk organizers. You’ll finally have a space for those paper clips, binder clips, rubber bands, staples, and more. Just like the craft materials mentioned above, this is a great way to easily be able to see all your supplies and find exactly what you are looking for quickly. Not to mention I just love how different it is. This will also open up your drawer space for more important things if needed.

Use your old spice rack to house all your tiny desk accessories like push pins, paper clips, rubber bands, staples an more.

8. Turn Old Spice Racks into Polish Shelves

Paint and decorate your spice racks to make nail polish organizers. This would be amazing for your teenage girl’s room. They can keep all their polishing supplies up and in one place. This is great if you also have smaller kids who like to get into things when no one is looking.  Also, check out our post on 21 Ways to Use Nail Polish.

Turn the old into the new with the perfect place to house all your fingernail polish.



9. DIY Vintage Jewelry Rack

Another great one for your daughter’s room (or yours for that matter) is this clever jewelry idea. Make your own jewelry holder for all your necklaces and bracelets. If you find one with drawers you can put your earrings and rings safely inside as well. This pink version is darling.

DIY your perfect jewelry storage with this colorful and space saving idea.

10. Spice Racks Make Fabulous Paint Holders

We have lots of craft paints in this house. A craft paint holder is perfect for us! The smaller crafting paint sizes fit perfectly into the slots of this old spice rack. Almost like they were made for them, lol. You can also stick your paintbrushes in one of the slots. If you have more than one kiddo, you can easily repurpose one of these for each kid to have their own paint caddy. Let them customize it to make it their own. However, if you are like me, you will want one of these all for yourself as well. Happy painting!

Grab this genius idea to turn your old spice rack into the perfect place to organize your paints.

11. Decorative Ribbon Rack

I hate shoving all my ribbons in a basket or box and having it get all tangled and mixed up. Create a ribbon rack so you can see at a glance the colors and patterns you have, without the hassle of getting tangled. This is another wonderful hack if you are looking to use more wall space in your craft room instead of floor space for your storage.

This colorful idea is a great way to store all your ribbon.

12. Herb Idea out of Old Spice Racks

I love this one! Add some color to your kitchen by painting the spice racks and using the bottles as flower vases. This is a fun way to brighten up your kitchen and if you’re not into flowers you could always plant herbs or vegetable starts. Plants that you regrow from kitchen food scraps are fabulous in this environment.  Gorgeous!

A few great planting ideas might be:

  • Lettuce
  • Garlic Chives
  • Onion Chives
  • Celery
  • Leeks
  • Cabbage
  • Avocado
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Cilantro
  • Potatoes
  • Beets
  • Turnips
  • Radishes

Have a beautiful patch of flowers on your kitchen wall by transforming your old spice rack into a flower vase wall.

Crafty ideas collage on ways to reuse your old spice racks around the house.

13. Darling Twine Organizer

I love how creative this spice rack repurposes to make a room look and feel. They really can be an elegance to simple home decor. Here’s a gorgeous twine holder to inspire you. These box racks are great because they can be hung up on the wall or laid across a dresser or table for easy organization. Twines, like ribbons and yarns, are very colorful and it’s almost a shame to hide that color when you could use it to highlight areas of your room. Show them off!

Use this great idea and turn your old spice rack into a place to store all your twine in your craft room.

14. Smart and Simple Spice Rack Storage

Spice racks can find a useful place just about anywhere. They aren’t too big and aren’t too small, which makes them great for extra wall shelving. They fit in closets, bathrooms, pantries, anywhere you need an extra ledge to house some of your stuff. One great thing about their size is their depth. Most other shelving sticks out quite far from the wall, making it awkward to maneuver around them at times. But, one of these thinner racks works well to allow extra space and not feel so constricted on space.

If you simply need a little extra storage, this idea for wall shelves is fabulous.

15. Adorable Doll Furniture from Spice Racks

If your little one has dolls, her doll friends will need furniture. Make some doll furniture and storage out of old spice racks. They are the ideal size for larger dolls to sit on. Depending on the racks you have to use, you could make countless tiny furniture options they are sure to love. This bench is adorable!

Create the perfect furniture for the dolls in your house by painting your old spice rack.

16. Spice Up Your Toilet Paper Shelf

Let’s talk toilet paper! Just look at this picture, what is there not to love about this idea. Turn your spice rack into an upcycled toilet paper holder! You can paint it to match your bathroom theme, you have a great new place to house some cheerful plants, and best of all it’s a fun and unique look not many others will have. If you don’t want to use this idea for your toilet paper you could always hang it near your tub and use it to hold your bath essentials (candles, towels, bubble bath, etc.).

Hang this crafty idea in your bathroom to house toilet paper and decorate.

However you choose to use your old spice rack, you really can’t go wrong. They are so diverse and adaptable you can pretty much find a cool new thing to do with them anywhere. So next time you find one at a yard sale or a friend is throwing one out, grab it! Put in a little elbow grease and see what you can make.

If you loved this idea and want to try more upcycled ideas, try some of these other great ideas we found.

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