20 Camping Gear Storage and Organization Ideas {great tips for planning!}

UPDATE APRIL 2020: We know that many camping sites are closed right now due to COVID-19, but we wanted to give you a resource for organization at home AND planning for future camping trips.

Whether in the off season and looking for storage ideas to keep your camping gear in order, or at your campsite wanting to keep everything organized, it can be a real sanity saver to have a system. These storage options will be great for all of your camping gear at home, in the car and at your actual campsite.

If you’re looking for all the essentials you need to make your actual trip a success from start to finish, check out our post on Camping Gear Essentials for Families.

To go straight to the item, click on the item in the numbered list below (all go directly to the product on Amazon). For a short description and image, scroll further down the post.

Camping Organization and Storage Ideas

  1. Tent Duffel Bag
  2. Mountaineering Zippered Tent Bag
  3. Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Outback Duffle Bag
  4. Sportsman’s Trunk
  5. Wheeled Industrial Tote
  6. 18 Gallon Durable Construction Molded-in Handles Tote Box
  7. Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids
  8. Weathertight Storage Box
  9. 4-Shelf Shelving Unit
  10. Large Clear Tote Bag with Zipper Closure (great for smaller items)
  11. Extra Large Heavy Duty Reusable Moving Totes w/Zipper
  12. Clothing Organizer Bag
  13. Foldable Storage Bags
  14. Small Clip Box
  15. Shoe Organizer
  16. Hiking Backpack Cooler Bag
  17. Coleman Marine Ultra Cooler
  18. Egg Holder
  19. Waterproof Case
  20. UCO Stormproof Match Case Kit

Tent Duffel Bag

This operates similar to a dry bag, with a roll top that buckles and compresses air AND is waterproof! Can fit up to a 7-man tent and reviewers say it’s so much easier to use than the bag your tent probably came in.

Mountaineering Zippered Tent Bag

This bag isn’t waterproof, but is another great option for storing your tent without all the hassle of trying to shove it into the original tent bag. Be sure to check the dimensions to make sure your tent will fit, otherwise there are tons of other great options out there. Fairly inexpensive for something that will save your sanity.

Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Outback Duffle Bag

This canvas bag is an excellent option for carrying pillows, sleeping bags, extra blankets, heavy jackets and more. Could also be used to carry ski or snowboard gear during the winter. Be sure to check dimensions before purchasing.

Sportsman’s Trunk

This highly-rated trunk would be an excellent option for carrying bulky items on a camping trip, but would also be a great solution for storing camping gear in the garage or shed during off-season. Other reviewers mentioned using it for dive gear, hunting gear, plane travel and much more.

The next four items are all great for storing camping gear in the shed or garage when you either aren’t using or are in the “off season”. All are different dimensions, so check what works best for your storage area. All are stackable and some are weather tight!

Wheeled Industrial Tote

18 Gallon Durable Construction Molded-in Handles Tote Box

Collapsible Storage Bins with Lid

Weathertight Storage Box

4-Shelf Shelving Unit

Perfect for storing your storage boxes. Ha! Keeping them off the ground, stacked together and using minimal space. Check your local Costco for these shelving units as well, they often have great prices on quality shelves!

The next four items are all great for packing clothes, towels and blankets. These are soft-sided or collapsible so they take up less room for storage.

Large Clear Tote Bag with Zipper Closure (great for smaller items)

Extra Large Heavy Duty Reusable Moving Totes w/Zipper

Clothing Organizer Bag

Foldable Storage Bags

Small Clip Box

These are perfect for storing SO MANY THINGS. Cutlery, handwashing supplies, toiletries, matches and lighters, playing cards, carabiners and other clips. So many uses! These can also be found at any office supply, craft or home improvement store.

Shoe Organizer

This might seem like an unusual suggestion, but these are excellent for keeping smaller items organized and in plain sight. Dishwashing supplies (sponges, soap, small towels), sunscreen, mosquito repellent, cooking utensils, lighters, anything you want to keep handy and off the table to save space.

Hiking Backpack Cooler Bag

This cooler gets excellent reviews and is perfect for a day hike if you are taking a picnic or extra snacks.

Coleman Marine Ultra Cooler

Any quality cooler will work here, but marine coolers tend to hold ice longer. If you’re camping in warm weather or in more direct sunlight, it’s important to have a quality cooler to keep your food at safe temperatures.

Egg Holder

If you love to cook fried eggs when camping or pre-make hard boiled eggs, this egg holder is such a useful little gadget! Carries up to 12 eggs and so much better than keeping them in the cooler in the cardboard carton that can get super soggy and smashed.

Waterproof Case

This case gets great reviews! Water resistant, crush proof and dust proof. If you need your phone on you while camping, this is a great way to protect it! Perfect for boating or rafting, hiking and more.

UCO Stormproof Match Case Kit

This comes with windproof and waterproof matches and 3 strikers. Can hold up to 40 matches. Perfect to protect against damp weather.

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We’d love to hear from you! Do you have a favorite camping storage item or hack to keep things protected?

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