20 of the Best Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean and Organized

Here’s how to keep a tidy abode. The best tips and expert tricks to help keep your house clean and organized. Cleaning the right way! How to organize your home the right way!

There is nothing better than walking into your clean home after being gone all day. It is calming and can really help you feel at peace.

If you are craving that clean house feeling but don't know where to start, we have you covered. The tutorials below cover every area of your house!

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More Craft Ideas:

While cleaning isn't necessarily a craft or DIY, once your space is clean it is fun to decorate with some personal touches made by you! Like DIY Mercury Glass Made with Spray Paint, this Wooden Door Tag Hanger, or Framed Diamond Art.

Take a look around and see all of the craft tutorials we have!

Tips for a Clean and Organized Home

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1. Simple Ways to Organize Kids Art Supplies from Simple As That

The kids and I do a fair amount of crafting together and one of the questions I get asked most often by friends and blog readers is how I organize the kid's craft supplies.

organize kids art supplies

2. Organize Your Personal Information from DIY Adulation

There is nothing more frustrating than needing an important document and not being able to find it. That is why it is so important for you to organize personal information now and these tips will help you do just that.

Tips to Organize Personal Information

3. Storage Solutions in my Craft Room from The Crafty Blog Stalker

Take a tour as I clean up my Craft Room and share some DIY Storage Solutions and how I organize my crafting supplies.

Storage Solutions in my Craft Room

4. Homemade Oven Cleaner from Mama to 6 Blessings

Beware you are about to see a really dirty oven which I have neglected to clean in quite some time. Here is a cleaner that you can make that is not harmful to our home!

homemade oven cleaner

5. Menu Planning Board from Unoriginal Mom

A menu planning board that doesn’t force you to pick exactly what the menu is for the week, but instead gives you a list of your regular meals to pick from and put in an easy-to-see place. 

menu planning board

6. Best Office Organizer Products from Organize Zen

If you’ve been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your messy office, then you are in the right spot! These are the best products for an organized home office that will help you declutter and simplify your workspace!

Best Office Organizer Products

7. Dollar Tree Containers or Organize Your Pantry from Simple Made Pretty

If you don’t have a dedicated pantry, consider placing 2 to 3 bookcases together to create an open pantry. Bins and labels keep smaller items together and organized.

Dollar Tree Containers or Organize Your Pantry

8. Clean and Organized Linen Closet from Fox Hollow Cottage

Ideas and inspiration to get you the prettiest and most organized linen closet in the land! These amazing spaces will show you how to get your linen closet organized, stream-lined, and turn it into one of the hardest working spaces in your home.  

Clean and Organized Linen Closet

9. Conquer Your Paper Clutter from Tidy Life Happy Wife

Tired of forgetting special events and bill due dates because the reminders are ‘organized’ somewhere in a random pile of paperwork? Here’s a complete guide to reduce your paper clutter and conquer the problem once and for all.

Conquer Your Paper Clutter

10. Homemade DIY Cleaner for Carpet Stains from The Creek Line House

If you have stubborn carpet stains that just won’t come out no matter what you try, this simple DIY trick may be just the thing you need!

Homemade DIY Cleaner for Carpet Stains

11. How to Organize Kitchen Drawers from The Pink Dream

Welcome to the “Kitchen Organization” series part 1: How to organize your kitchen drawers. I’m so excited about this post, I have been working on organizing my kitchen for a while now and I can’t believe I’m almost done.

How to Organize Kitchen Drawers

12. Closet Hacks to Organize Your Clothes from Passion for Savings

It can be so hard to keep clothes organized! I have 15 Closet Hacks to Help Organize Your Clothes and accessories that you should definitely check out!

Closet Hacks to Organize Your Clothes

13. Laundry Stripping from Hip 2 Save

This easy 3 ingredient laundry stripping solution and washing method are more powerful than bleach. Do this on your next laundry day!

laundry stripping for towels

14. Deep Clean Your Dishwasher from My Heavenly Recipes

Are dishes not getting clean anymore? Sounds like it’s time to deep clean your dishwasher! You should clean your dishwasher around once a month if you are really motivated (and have time ha!)

how to deep clean dishwasher

15. Clean and Organize Your Desk from The How To Home

It’s easy to get things in order and to clean and organize your desk for maximum efficiency and productivity with these simple tips.

How To Clean and Organize Your Desk

16. Organizers for a Small Fridge from Homewhis

If your fridge is so cluttered that you have no idea that the foods you bought a month ago are rotting at the back, then you probably need some organization tools!

Organizers for a Small Fridge

17. Washing Walls Without Ruining Paint from Slay At Home Mother

Learn how to wash walls SAFELY with this easy DIY cleaning recipe and the right tools.

how to wash walls

18. Cleaning the Dryer Lint Slot from The Crafty Blog Stalker

If your dryer's not drying clothes or it's taking longer than usual, you could have a build-up of lint in the lint trap door. Here's how to clean your dryer lint trap using a vacuum cleaner.

clean dryer lint trap 14

19. Living Room Storage Solutions from Organization Obsessed

Your living room is typically your most lived in space in your home. And for that reason, you of course want to keep it clean and organized, right? But sometimes it hard to store other things in your living room and keep them organized, but also out of site.

Living Room Storage Solutions

20. The Household Drop Zone from Refined Rooms

You know that tendency that you & your family members have to drop everything in a pile somewhere? A household drop zone makes that annoying pile go away AND makes locating those essential items when you’re rushing out the door quick and easy.

Household Drop Zone

Which organizing tips are you going to try? We'd love for you to share a photo so we can see it!

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