2021 Home Decor Updates & Plans for 2022

Hi friend!  We’re on the downhill slide to the weekend now and it’s also date night! I’m really looking forward to that, I haven’t seen Brian since new year’s eve.  We’re going out for sushi- yum!

Today I’m looking back at all the progress I’ve made on the home front last year.  There were a couple of room makeovers and a few small decor updates here and there.

And, I’ve continued on my decluttering journey and I can say our home feels very light and airy now with lots of room to breath, both in the open spaces and inside the cabinets and drawers.




I work from home and feel very fortunate to have a whole office to myself.  I spend many hours here, at my computer writing blog posts, coming up with new ideas, responding to emails, chatting with you through comments and DMs, planning my schedule, and much more.

This year, I switched out the white Ikea table for a wooden table from Target, exchanged the aqua rug for a rug with more blush tones, got new comfortable desk chairs and hung acrylic calendars on the wall.

Desk ChairRugTableBrass ChairsAcrylic Calendars (similar) • Abstract ArtPalm Tree Art

I’m loving the warmth that the wooden table brought to the space and that rug is so gorgeous in person.  I use those wall calendars for my blog content so I can always see what I’m working on and what’s coming up next.

Just outside my office door is the upstairs hallway, and we used to have a red oriental style rug here and I switched it out for a more neutral runner.  The rug is by Dash & Albert and can be used indoors or out.  I keep it on top of a rug pad and the corners are secured with these rug grippers.


New Light Fixtures

Light fixtures make such a big difference and I made two big changes this year by switching out the chandelier over our breakfast table and in the foyer.

Woven Pendant Light (similar) • Dining TableDining Chairs (I recovered with wipeable fabric)

I’ve been drooling over these woven pendant lights and they really warm up the room.  Thankfully, my boyfriend is super handy and likes doing these kinds of projects.

The new foyer light looks really good too.

Foyer Light 

I’m so happy with how the new foyer light looks and it goes well with the chandelier in our dining room.

I looked for a long time comparing options and prices and the one I found at Amazon was the best deal and perfect size.  We have 10 foot ceilings and the foyer light I bought is the 26x16x16.

Patio Refresh

We love to spend time outside in the backyard, and even though it’s small, a few updates go a long way.

Walmart +, Sweater Tank, Jeans, Succulents

Wall Planter

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10 • 11 • 12 • 13

Replacing Our Fence

Y’all won’t even believe how bad our fence in the side yard was!  After the Winter Freeze of 2021, all of the ivy on my fence died and when we pulled it all down, I was shocked to see the terrible condition of the fence.  It literally looked like something out of a bad horror film.  I’m so sorry for what you’re about to see next!

Isn’t that scary?! I was so happy to get it replaced, but it was quite expensive with the cost of lumbar lately.

It’s a simple fence with two pieces of crown on top to give it a more finished look.  I also had them fill in the bottom with gravel so I’d have less maintenance and hopefully, less weeds to deal with.

After the new fence was installed, I called in Ruben and his crew to stain the fence dark brown so it would look better with the house.  It was way too orange before the stain was applied.

Baby Shower

The fence was completed just in time for our dear friend Marianna’s baby shower, which we hosted outside.  It turned out beautifully and I’m so thankful to have this large side yard for this gathering and it’s also handy for the kids to play in while being gated in.

      Ali-Shaun and our beautiful mama-to-be, Marianna!  We love you Collins!

Bathroom Update

The jack-n-jill bathroom between my room and the guest room (that my son primarily uses) got an facelift this year.  It was only stylistic changes, but they made a big difference.  And everything was done on a budget with items from Target and Amazon!

 Framed Art (van & surfboard) • Towel • Shower Curtain • Rings • Memory Foam Bath Mat

James’ Room Makeover

One of the biggest changes to our home this year was that my 11-year old moved from his old room into what was a ‘media room’.  I use that term loosely because, although the room had a big tv and leather chairs, we rarely used it.  He loves his new space and I like that he’s more centrally located and I can reach him easier.  He actually doesn’t use the tv that much, he prefers his computers.

Tween Boys Room upholstered bed

Similar Bed • Blue Stripe Bedding • Navy Quilt • Similar Euro Shams

Guest Room

Then, James’ former bedroom was turned into a proper guest room.  And we’ve already had guests!  I kept the wallpaper and painted the previous blue trim white to brighten things up.  I love how this room turned out and that we have a dedicated for friends and family to stay.

Guest Room Reveal

Top (HWH15 for 15% off) • Jeans • Necklace (MEGAN30 for 30% off, one time use)

Living Room

In the living room, I changed out the previous pink rug for a more neutral rug and am loving that look so much!

Rug • Similar Coffee Table • Cream Pillow • Similar Leopard Pillow • Similar Gingham Pillow • Chain Link • Floor Cushion

Jordan’s Playroom

Jordan’s playroom got a new rug too, plus a bigger table (we previously had this one) that’s large enough for me to sit at with her, with craft/art supplies.

ArtPlay Kitchen • Plush RugTable

Tablescape & New Dinnerware

When I put together our Fall table, I fell in love with the spotted dinnerware with gold rims.  They’re part of our everyday dishes now, but luxe enough that we used them for Christmas dinner too!

Spotted Dinnerware • Black Flatware • Napkin Rings • Napkins • Candle Stick Holders • Candles • Vase • Pampas Grass • Olive Branches • Drinking Glasses • Table Runner

Fall Decor

I always enjoy decorating for the holidays, and we sprinkled bit of Fall throughout the house in October.

Top • Jeans

Christmas Decor Part 1 & Part 2

And Christmas is always one of my favorite times of the year.  We kept it more simple this year, but it still felt festive, inviting and warm.

Christmas Tree • Pottery Barn RugSimilar Train • Bar Cart • Mercury Glass Candle holders • Ornaments • House Ornament • Holy Ornament • Vases

Our Christmas Table

We were happy to have all of our family gather at our house for Christmas this year.  There’s lots of cousins now, so it’s extra fun!

Garland • Similar Beaded Garland • Table Runner • Glitter Tree • Gold Tree • Chargers • Plates • Napkins • Napkin Rings • Similar Goblets

Organized Spices

Another small, but delightful project I did this year was decanting all of my spices into small bamboo jars and adding minimal labels.  I absolutely love how this looks and it didn’t take much time at all.  The labels come with “best by” stickers that you can put on the bottom of your jars to remind you when the expiration date is.

7 oz Bamboo Glass JarsMinimal LabelsBamboo Spice Organizer


If you’re looking to give your home a refresh for 2022, the Gap Home line at Walmart is really good and very affordable!  It’s got elevated basics and we have several items in our own home.


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It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a whole year, but sometimes you don’t realize all the changes you’ve made until you look back.  That’s one of the reasons I love documenting things here.  It’s a scrapbook of our lives!

In 2022, I’d really like to add cabinet doors to our mudroom to hide all of the things that we store here.

And, I’ve been saying this for years, but our half bathroom downstairs could really use an update.  I want to add wallpaper, change out the mirror and light fixture.  I just need to sit down and brainstorm and come up with a design plan!

Did you complete any home projects in 2021?  What do you have planned for 2022?  Are you still into home decor and organizing as much as I am?  I also started restyling my kitchen and media cabinet shelves, so I’ll have to share that with you soon.

Come back tomorrow where I’ll be sharing all of your 2021 faves!  We’ll be talking fashion, beauty and home decor!

Have a fantastic day friend!

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