32 Barstools That’ll Take Your Kitchen Island to New Heights

Welcome to The Deep Dive, in which we search high and low for the best of the best products for every corner of your home, from modern chandeliers to vintage rugs. Next up: barstools.

When was the last time you sat at an actual dining table to eat? Eating at a proper horizontal surface every day is the dream, but, if you’re anything like us, the reality is you polish off most of your meals standing up, at your desk, on your sofa, or (even worse) in bed. Luckily, there’s a middle ground here: Settling down at the kitchen island. 

After all, as kitchens get more open-plan and living spaces become smaller and smaller (especially in big cities like New York), the dining room is on its way to becoming as obsolete as the floppy disk. Good barstools—the new dining seat of choice—are more important than ever. They’re no longer reserved for occasionally sitting down with a glass of wine. They’re now the prime location for breakfast, dinner, and late-night emails. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, we rounded up 32 colorful options that are sure to take your breakfast bar to new heights.
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