9 Creative Corporate Gift Ideas to Help Build Better Professional Relationships

creative corporate gift ideas build professional relationships

Tired ofgiving out the same customized tumbler or calling card? Are you hoping for more creative corporate gift ideas to drop jaws and create some buzz about your business?

We've got your back! Check out these 9 amazing ideas for corporate event gifts and determine which one you should use for your next major meeting, trade show, or press conference:

1. Yearly Organizer

Organizers are a staple for a reason: people at the workplace always need something to help them keep track of their schedules. Yes, a calendar works too but an organizer offers more pages and space to add notes, contact numbers, and meeting notes.

Even the most basic organizer works as great business gifts, especially if you're hosting a conference or trade show at the beginning of the year. People at these events will use their organizers throughout the year, guaranteeing they'll always see your brand logo.

2. Amazon Echo

If you want to make a killer impression, you should consider giving out Amazon Echos or the next item on this list. They're not cheap but they can make such a strong impact, they're worth the investment. You might need to limit giving these away to meetings with important clients.

The Amazon Echo stands out because it perfectly embodies technology moving forward. It lets people at the workplace make quick searches on Google without touching a keyboard. Who wouldn't remember the company that gave something so cool?

3. Coffee Maker

AreAI devices/smart speakers too expensive but you still want to give away elegant, high-end corporate gifts? Take some time then to look at a few coffee makers. If possible, check if you can get custom branding on them, adding your company logo somewhere on the machine.

The good news is there are a ton of different kinds of coffee makers. You can stick with a traditional brewer or you could give a pod coffee maker, such as the Nespresso or Keurig K Cup machine.

Either way, coffee makers make for ideal gifts. Like all good corporate giveaways, these are items people tend to use regularly. This means those employees will always see your logo.

4. Professional Cardholder

Let's step back down to smaller corporate gifts. If you want something small but highly efficient, you should give away cardholders. Add your company logo to the front to further seal the deal.

The best part about cardholders is their price and utility. You can give out dozens or even hundreds of these, making them the ideal gifts for attendees at a big event. Again, these are items people use regularly which means they'll always have your company in their mind.

5. Smart Notebook

Thesemake for some of the most creative corporate gift ideas on this list. You should consider giving these business gifts whenever you complete a deal with a major client or partner.

How do these work and why are they great gifts?

They utilize tablet technology, meaning people can usea stylusto jot down notes which then get digitized. Users can then instantly transfer the digital note to cloud storage services or email them to other people.

You don't even need to get the most expensive ones. Yes, there are smart notebooks well over $120 but you can find a few under $50.

6. Customized Office Items

Nothing beats traditionalpromotional giveaways. They're still effective today, even with the rising advance of technology and digital marketing.

Slap your logo on ID straps, caps, mugs, office pens, or umbrellas and hand them out to people at meetings, trade shows, conferences, or scheduled presentations. You can check out the folks from this printing company to get started customizing items you want to give away.

The real reason these remain effective is the fact people rely on these items daily. This means every time they open their umbrella, share a pen to an officemate, or get a cup of coffee, they show off your company for you. It's a visual type of free marketing, especially if they give the item to someone else and the chain of exposure grows.

7. Travel Pillows

Sticking with the theme of customized items, why not give away customized travel pillows? These don't see as much usage as office items but they're essential nonetheless. You can at least expect trade show attendees to use them during their trip back home!

Travel pillows offer comfort and proper posture, both of which most traveling business professionals need after a few days out for a trade show or conference. Show you care by giving these out as corporate gifts and they'll thank you for it!

8. Wireless Charging Pads

Want to give cool, technology corporate gifts without breaking the bank? You should consider handing out wireless charging pads. They're affordable but almost every meeting or event attendee will find them useful.

After all, over 5 billion people now use mobile devices, smartphones in particular. Business professionals rely on the latest models to track important metrics, emails, and more. Giving these charging pads enhances their smartphone usage and you can bet they'll remember you for it.

9. Corporate Bags

Tote bags, corporate sling bags, and handbags make for excellent gift ideas. Bags don't cost much and printing on them is both quick and cheap too. This means you can have hundreds of them ready for any major event.

You don't have to limitthese gifts to meetings or conferences. You can hand these out to regular customers or people who walk into your physical offices. Give them to partners, clients, and to your employees who go out handing promotional items to people on the streets.

Use This List of Creative Corporate Gift Ideas!

There are a ton of amazing and creative corporate gift ideas. These 9 are some of the most effective due to their wow factor, usability, and/or price. Consider giving these away the next time you host an event.

Of course, promotional giveaways are only a part of your marketing strategies. If you want to continue discovering more ways to attract clients, feel free to go through our other guides today. We may have the tips you're looking for!