Are You Curious What’s Possible When You Hire a Professional Organizer?

Do you feel challenged by the physical and emotional clutter in your life? Does your clutter overwhelm and bother you? You are not alone. Imagine what it would feel like to become the “boss of my clutter,” as the fabulous psychologist and procrastination coach Dr. Christine Li said to me recently. When we address and enlist support for our challenges, it’s incredible what becomes possible.  If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, disorganized, and cluttered, do not despair. There is hope. If you’re curious how a professional organizer like me can help and what it’s like to work together, keep reading (and listening.) Settle in, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and get ready for a great surprise.

A few months back, Christine reached out to invite me as a guest on her insightful podcast, Make Time for Success. If you’re not familiar with her podcast, add it right now to your listening cue. Christine has a calm, warm way of normalizing challenges and sharing ways to overcome them. She’s authentic, brave, and asks excellent questions. You come away feeling inspired along with simple strategies for change.

Christine and I met several years ago and have remained in touch. For the podcast, Christine asked me to share some ideas for managing clutter. She also said she’d like to hire me to help her address the clutter in her home office, kitchen, and main bedroom. Then she asked if I would be willing to do a second podcast after our three virtual organizing sessions to talk about our work together- a debrief. The work I do with clients is confidential. Christine’s client-initiated offer to speak publicly about her organizing challenges, successes, and experience of working together was rare.

It was extraordinary having the podcast conversations, working with Christine, and listening to the thoughtful way she talked about her clutter, discoveries, and habit changes. I am deeply grateful to her for inviting me to be a guest, hiring me to work with her, and sharing her heart and insights. She breathes what’s possible.

“When we address and enlist support for our challenges, it’s incredible what becomes possible.”
— Linda Samuels, CPO-CD®, CVPO™

Make Time for Success Podcasts

Listen to our conversations by clicking on the players below.

Part 1:  5 Types of Clutter You Can Get Organized Now with Linda Samuels

In this episode, you will discover:


Part 2:  Here’s What Happened When I Worked with a Professional Organizer with Linda Samuels

In this episode, you will discover:

  • Christine’s lessons learned

  • How I listen for what my clients need and wish for

  • Why clutter often leads to feelings of paralysis and procrastination

  • What success looks and feels like

The podcasts cover a broad scope of ideas including, clutter, emotional attachments, procrastination, working with a professional organizer, and discovering what’s possible. What resonated with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I invite you to join the conversation.

If you want support and are ready to figure out how to, as Christine says, “live peacefully with our stuff,” I’m here. Please email me, or call 914-271-5673. I’m ready to help.