Clear Your Counters with The Cord Wrapper #REVIEW #MBPHOME21

Thank you to The Cord Wrapper for the product for review. The opinions are 100% my own.

Does anyone else get frustrated with all the cords all over your counter, taking up valuable counter space? Now you can reclaim that space with The Cord Wrapper!

The Cord Wrapper is a small gadget used to keep cords organized and out of the way! Simply attach The Cord Wrapper to your appliance and wind the excess cord around it when the appliance is not in use for a clean and organized appearance. When you need to use the appliance, simply unwrap what cord is needed and keep the rest stored neatly away!

I absolutely love my cord wrappers! I used them in my kitchen. My counter space is so valuable and I don't like to lose it to anything! When I need to use the appliance, I simply unroll the part I need to reach an outlet and then leave the rest wound. It comes in black, white, and now red as well! You'll want to get some of these for yourself!

The Cord Wrapper can be used practically anywhere you have cords. Use it in the kitchen as a cord organizer, in the office as a desk cable organizer, in the bathroom for hair appliances, or even an electronics cable organizer. The method of storing the cord with The Cord Wrapper is similar to that of a retractable vacuum cord reel, simply wrapping/winding up in a circular motion which does not kink the cord. Always refer to the manufacturer’s warnings and information in regard to preventing damage to the cord.

The Cord Wrapper and the adhesive are heat resistant up to 200° Fahrenheit and can be safely used on appliances such as slow cookers. It is about 3” in diameter and 1.5” tall.  Picture it about the size of your favorite cake donut. Big enough to store 5 feet of cord but small. Most appliances are safe to place a wrapper on to use if they are painted with electrostatic paint or have a metal surface.

Where would you use your Cord Wrapper?

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