Closet Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Closet Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Do you feel overwhelmed every time your favorite outfits need to be accessorized? Are some of your necklaces tangled or in disarray? You are not alone! Enjoying family heirlooms, costume jewelry, or even your everyday favorite pieces of bling require some organization - especially if they're being stored in your custom closet .

Here are just a few different ways you can organize and display jewelry:

  • Drawers
  • Rolled cushion storage
  • Divided organizers
  • Organizing similar items together
  • Vertical storage options like a magnetic jewelry display
  • Jewelry trays
  • Grab-and-go pieces

Below, you'll learn more about how to add some flair to your jewelry collection and maybe even your closet as well! 

Drawers for Your Jewelry

The pros at Architectural Digest initially suggest utilizing drawers for jewelry storage. Pretty simple, right? Tucking jewelry into drawers will keep your space clutter-free and your pieces safely stored. While a few shiny favorites can help add attitude and fun to your closet, you may want to store the rest away from curious eyes. 

Want to take it one step further? Invest in a jewelry organizer drawer that slides in and out with ease, complete with dividers to compartmentalize your rings from your bracelets from your earrings. 

Jewelry Drawer

Add Some Cushioning to Protect Your Jewels

Cushioning isn’t just for cushion-cut diamonds or your office chair. Storing your pieces on cushioned fabrics, like velvet, will keep earrings & bracelets from mysteriously rolling to the back of a drawer or into another hidden crevice.  Good Housekeeping jumps in with a reminder that rolled cushions are also perfect for keeping pairs of stud earrings and even rings together.

Compartmentalize to Make it Shine

Keep similar pieces together. There’s nothing worse than being on the hunt for your gorgeous gold hoops but having to dig through a pile of twisted bracelets to get to where you think they might be. Organize and compartmentalize your earrings together, bracelets together, and so on. It works even better if you keep similar metals grouped together. For example, gold with gold and silver with silver.

The same can be said for your clothes as well. If your closets could use an organizational pick me up, check out 6 Tips for Organizing Your Custom Closets by Closet Solutions & Organizers

Jewelry Box

Don't Be Afraid to Go Up!

Vertical space options offer organization without taking away room in your actual closet. The Good Housekeeping pros suggest using a "magnetic jewelry display" that keeps all of your favorite pieces in one place and adds some flair to your space as well. Additionally, take advantage of the space behind your cabinet doors to hang hooks or a pegboard. Again, you may prefer that some pieces be hidden away from prying eyes. 

Pretty Pieces Can Be Art Too

Looking for an artistic way to display your organized jewelry? Tiered organizers come in all sorts of colors and designs to match your style. Another way to display your favorite pieces is on a jewelry tower. 

Grab-and-Go Options

What about those rings & earrings you grab every morning? Store them in a shallow, decorative dish! Add to a shelf in your closet or even keep it on your nightstand so you have a safe place to remove jewelry each night and locate it the next morning with ease.

Jewelry trays are another great space-saving option if you're looking for an accessible way to grab your go-to bling each day. They can be stored on a shelf or above drawers in your closet and seamlessly display your everyday jewelry. 


Organizing your jewelry is a lot like searching to find that shiny necklace you have been dreaming of. You likely have a picture in your head for what might work best for you, but maybe not the clearest vision of all your options. Combine organization with decor and you'll absolutely be able to store your jewelry safely and in style!