Computer Desktop Organization

Clutter is not limited to what you see when you walk into your office. Digital clutter can cause unnecessary stress and frustration. Just as you have organized your office to be more productive, think about how digital organizing tools can boost productivity. Is your computer desktop completely covered with files? Are there e-mails that need your attention buried under unimportant memos? Can you never find the password you need? If you find yourself relating to these questions, I have a powerful organizing tool that I want to share with you.

Recently, I launched a variety of digital desktop organizers that include icons and folders as part of my French Tulip Stationery line. Creating a beautifully organized and personalized look that will completely transform your digital workspace has never been easier. When you use my desktop organizers, you have an organized space that allows you to be more productive and efficient during your day. Instead of placing icons and folders just anywhere on the desktop, there are sections to determine where to place them until you can file them away appropriately. Although the look may change with each organizer, the components remain the same. Every desktop organizer has a calendar, currently working files, personal files, and daily tasks. I encourage everyone to customize their desktop organizer to fit their lifestyle to be the most productive and to experience joy when they open their computer.

Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home mom, or a working professional, anyone can gain from using one of my desktop organizers.

Are you ready to try out a digital organizer but don’t know where to start? You got this! Check out my line of organizers, folders, and icons by visiting The process is simple regardless of what computer you have. My installation guide for Mac and Windows will walk you through the installation process.

Friends, I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to help you create a tool to keep your desktop organized that can bring order and function to your digital work life. I can’t wait to hear how using a digital workspace has minimized your frustrations and increased your productivity!

Hugs and Love,