Creating A Home Office For Your Business

Are you ready to create a home office you love and will serve as the growing space for your thriving organizing business?

Creating A Home Office For Your Business

If you love all things home, then this part of building your business will be a pleasure to you!

Since many of us run our business from home, if you don’t already have an office space, take a look around your house and see where would be a good area to create one.

Creating a Home Office For Your Organizing Business.

What should you consider when selecting a space for your organizing business?

Great Lighting

Of course, natural light is the best but if you don’t have it, then make sure you install great lighting all around your office and desk.

Sound & Noises

Are you in the kitchen or in a quiet area of your home? Will the kids be running around you? Does that bother you or not? Consider it before you invest too much into any space.

Access To Outlets

You don’t want to plan any space before checking that you can actually plug and charge all your equipment.

Strong Wifi Signal

I used to have a really poor signal in my current office and had to buy extra routers to improve it.

Shared Space Or A Room All For Yourself?

We have to start with what we have and that might be sharing the office with hubby or having our desk in a corner of the rarely used dining room.

In any case, make sure you establish boundaries so that when you’re seating to work you can focus or when you have to speak with a client, you don’t have the sound of the TV, kids playing, or hubby on a conference call on the background.

Office Equipment

You’ll need basic office equipment to get you started: a desk and chair, a computer with access to the internet, wi-fi, a dedicated phone number, a small printer, a bookcase or cabinet, and a small filing cabinet with keys.

Of course, these are not all “must-haves” so start with what you have. In my case, it was an Ikea desk, chair, and drawer unit on casters that I set up in our guest bedroom.

Phone Line

You can get a Google number if you don’t want to hire it through the traditional carriers.

Set it up so it redirects calls to your cell phone, making sure you only answer calls now when you can give your full attention and don’t have your kids (dogs, etc) around you. It might just be a potential client on that next call.

Establish a separate email account for your business. If you don’t have a website yet (we’ll talk about that soon!) then start with a Gmail account just for your business. We will change that later when you’re ready to invest in a website etc.

The next step is to create your email signature, including your phone number and the address of your social networks and website as soon as it’s ready. Here is one to get you started!

Finally, if you don’t already have one, I highly recommend that you purchase a cloud-based back-up service for your computer.

There are many services out there but my personal experience has been with Carbonite which we have used for over a decade now without a glitch. File-sharing can be done through Google Drive or Dropbox for example.

I’ll leave you now that you’re researching and dreaming of this beautiful office space you’ll create for yourself. Enjoy every minute of it. I’m a firm believer that whatever you do, do with love.

I’ll see you next week!


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