Do Home Depot & Husky Make the BEST Tool Bags?

Husky Tool Bag Product Line Fall 2019

Rumor has it that if everyone who owned a Husky tool bag jumped up at the same time, the Earth would be knocked off axis by up to 5°.

Is this true? Of course not, but it is true that Husky makes some incredible and hugely popular tool bags.

I have been working on a couple of tool kit buying guides, as part of a sponsorship with Home Depot, and I hit a wall.

I need a tool bag, partly for the story, partly to wrangle together the tools that I’ll be giving away when the project and editorial series is over.

Husky. This is what my brain tells me, even before I think about budget, size, or style.

Well of course it’ll be Husky, you might be thinking, seeing as how Home Depot is a sponsor. Okay, I can appreciate that sentiment.

But what about the soda tech at the local fast-food restaurant. When those fancy cola machines need to be repaired, it takes quite a few tools to get to the bottom of things. And what tool bag did the local soda machine tech use? Husky.

And what about the local appliance repair professionals, which fit all of their kit into a Husky tool bag?

IT professionals, exterminators, contractors, electricians, plumbers, the staging contractors at the local Scandinavian furniture store – Husky is quite possibly the best-selling tool bag brand out there.

I wrote about this nearly two years – Does Husky Make the Best Tool Bags? We See Them EVERYWHERE – and nothing seemed to change.

Even wife has started to notice. “They came to the office to fix the… and they brought a Husky tool bag.”


Take a peek at the following link and you’ll see for yourself.

Shop Husky Tool Bags

Home Depot offers Husky pouches and bucket inserts, trays and portfolios, zippered tool bags and open-top totes, backpacks and lunchboxes, and even a boxy mobile office organizer that can hold files.

Husky Pro and Technician Tool Bags

There is a gigantic range of products, suiting all types of needs and at a broad price range.

Husky tool bags practically sell themselves.

As you might have seen, I tend to be very observant. Just like I spot Husky tool bags anywhere pros are in motion, I have noticed all of the different kinds of Husky tool bags that have come out in recent years.

The brand experiments and refines. Sometimes this results in new regular line items, other times there are innovative or unique products that might not be restocked after an initial run. (Oh, how I sometimes kick myself for not buying the Husky sling-style tool bag when I saw it back in 2017.)

The brand is quite prideful of their innovations as well. If I recall correctly, there were definitely a couple of “I bet you’ve never seen this before!” conversations over the years.

Husky makes something for everyone, covering a very broad range of tool needs and wants.

Husky 18-inch Tech Tool Bag

If I had to choose a Husky tool bag, right now, it would probably be their 18-inch tech tool bag. This bag has a central compartment, but also two zippered side compartments, plus pockets on the outside. For tool bags, I like a combination of bulk and pocketed storage, for both holding a lot of tools and supplies, and for organizing my tools in discrete locations.

Shop Husky Tool Bags via Home Depot

With tool storage, most brands force you to choose 2 out of 3 qualities, between value, quality, and suitable options. It seems that Home Depot and Husky have become an incredibly popular choice because they’re able to offer all three.

Home Depot also has a great warranty on Husky tool bags – 3 years for the standard duty (red) and 5 years for the heavy duty (black) tool bags and accessories.

Both styles of bags are made with heavy duty water-resistant materials. Husky says (with the emphasis my own):

Husky tool bags’ rugged design is crafted with heavy duty Denier water-resistant material, making it a perfect choice for rough job site conditions.

Given how many pros I’ve seen with Husky tool bags at jobsites and in the field, it seems they’ve proven this to be true.

Husky Tool Bag Features and Specs Snapshot

I particularly like how Husky breaks down the features and specs for their different tool bags. The way they do this, it makes it easier to compare different tool bag sizes and styles.

If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to ask the same questions as two years ago. I don’t think your answers would have changed, but just in case:

What do you think about Husky tool bags?

If you need a new tool bag this week, which one would you buy?

Lastly, for everyone that owns a Husky tool bag, please don’t jump up and down at the same time.