Dry Erase Marker Holder, Wall Marker Holder, Whiteboard Marker Holder for Kitchen, Office, Wood Marker Holder, Wall Mount, Marker Organizer by andrewsreclaimed

21.00 USD

A simple wood sharpie marker or dry erase marker holder made with smart ergonomic design in beautiful reclaimed wood.

- Mount next to the whiteboard in the office or the dry erase board at home.

- Simple to install with included hardware.

- Leans the markers away from the wall. Looks nice and makes markers easy to pick and place.

- Smoothly sanded, finished with a hand-rubbed penetrating natural oil and beeswax finish.

- Screws are stainless steel so they will never tarnish. They are small but capable.

Because we use reclaimed wood to make these marker holders, there will be an occasional imperfection. Some pieces are nearly perfect. If you prefer the smooth surface with no markings, please leave us a message "MODERN" with your order.

Shipping is included for all orders in USA, and will ship within two days.

Made in USA