Email is a ubiquitous communications tool for pretty much every aspect of life

Unfortunately, that leads to a big fact of modern life—an overflowing email inbox.

While Apple’s stock email app is fine for an occasional message, there are other third-party apps that offer additional features to help make sense of the clutter. Take a look at these six great email organizer apps for your iPhone.
1. Spark
Instead of having to spend hours wading through a pile of new email, Spark makes it easy. Its Smart Inbox automatically categorizes your email into three categories—personal, notifications, and newsletters. That makes it much easier to recognize what’s important and what you can tackle later. Even when the app isn’t open, you can customize notifications to only see what’s truly important.

When you need to search, you can use natural language like “link from Sam sent yesterday.” The app lets you access specific search terms to use at any time, or you can create a smart folder for quicker access.

Spark integrates with a host of other apps and features including Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and more. If you come across an email that you don’t have time to reply to, you can snooze it for later. It’s also possible to compose an email and schedule it to send later, even if your iPhone is off.

What’s more, the app is built for teams and collaboration. You can create secure links to an email or conversation to share with others. Team members can also work together to compose emails in real-time.
If the app sounds like the perfect alternative email app for you, make sure to take a look at our comprehensive look at Spark.

Download: Spark (Free, subscription available)
2. Gmail
Gmail is a popular provider for both personal and work-based email accounts. So it’s probably no surprise that the official Gmail app is one of the best third-party iOS email clients.

You have a number of different options to help organize your inbox, including the ability to archive, label, and star messages. Reporting and deleting spam also just takes a few taps. Threaded conversations make it easier to view messages on the same topic.

When searching for a specific message, the app makes it easy with instant results, typing predictions, and spelling suggestions.

And if you ever send a message by mistake, the app has a handy Undo Send feature. It’s active for five seconds after sending an email.

Download: Gmail (Free)
3. Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is a stalwart of office email communication. But the app handles more than just Exchange accounts. You can use Office 365,, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and an iCloud inbox.

The app automatically analyzes your inbox and organizes the most important messages into a Focused Inbox. Other emails are available with just one tap. In either inbox, swipe actions allow you to delete or archive messages. You can also quickly schedule a message to tackle later.

A powerful search functionality allows you to view emails from popular contacts, the most recent files sent, and even upcoming events. When you need to attach something to an email, you can select a file from OneDrive, Dropbox, and other options without needing to download it first.

And since this is a Microsoft app, you can also quickly edit Office documents using the corresponding apps and then attach them to an email.

Download: Microsoft Outlook (Free)
4. Airmail
Airmail is a longtime staple on macOS and also makes a great iOS email client. The service offers a number of integrations with third-party apps like Fantastical, Evernote, Things, iA Writer, and many others.

When battling your inbox, you can bulk edit and use customizable swipes. The app also allows you to filter an inbox by options like unread, starred, conversation, emails received today, and more.

Since it’s compatible with Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app, you can search and even send an email using Apple’s personal assistant.

A subscription unlocks additional features, including the ability to use multiple accounts, sort messages, snooze email, send messages later, and more.

Download: Airmail (Free, subscription available)
5. Edison Mail
If you’re overwhelmed with promotional emails, Edison Mail is the email organizer app you need. Compatible with a wide variety of email accounts, the app allows you to unsubscribe from newsletters and more with just a single tap. Other privacy-oriented features include the ability to block read receipts and specific senders.

To further help in the fight with your inbox, it’s easy to customize the swipe options. This lets you easily access features you use most, like archiving or a custom snooze schedule.

Instead of simple notifications for new email, Edison Mail takes this even further with more details like flight notification changes and up-to-date package tracking information. The same technology organizes email into different categories for easier access.

And it’s not often that an app can save you money, but Edison Mail can. With its Price Alert feature, the app will constantly monitor your online purchase receipts from major stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Old Navy, Macy’s, Nike, Target, and Walmart. If the price of an item drops more than $1, the app will automatically provide info on how to request a refund for the difference.

Download: Edison Mail (Free)
6. Spike Email
Spike Email wants you to look at email in a new way. Instead of the usual routine of replying, sending, and threads, the app turns your inbox into a messaging app. The conversational feature changes email into a messaging-like service where you can see each response on one page.

It’s even possible to make audio or video calls to the other party. If you’re not a fan of the feature, it’s easy to switch it off for a more traditional experience. You can also create a group in the app and have a team communication session. Everyone just needs an email address for easy group email on iPhone.

Like other apps, Spike Email also provides a Priority Inbox with the most important emails in one place. To help juggle calendar appointments, the app also merges different calendars into an email so you can view upcoming events all on a single screen.

Another standout feature of the app is its great search options. You can search by person or even keyword. Attachments are also a breeze with Spike Email; you can preview and among attachments inside an email.

Download: Spike Email (Free)
Conquer Your Inbox: The Best Email Apps for iPhone
Hopefully with one of these email apps, you can make better sense of your inbox and have more time to tackle other tasks away from your iPhone screen.

Apps aren’t the only way to help tackle your email deluge. Make sure you know how to set up email filters to keep the junk out of your inbox.

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