Émigré Debut Their Inaugural Carry Collection

As Carry enthusiasts, we live in a golden age, there is a plethora of selections for every consumer. Whatever their preference may be, there are variations on similar styles or patterns, and it can be hard sometimes to discern what is a truly unique or worthwhile purchase.

There are some giant brands which are powerhouses and they create a large volume of different designs, with new iterations every year based on mass market trends. Other brands, like Émigré are more particular, methodical, and intentional in everything that they create. Brands like Émigré always catch our attention here at Carry HQ, and for good reason too because innovators are what create progress, and progress in the carry world is usually something tangible, beautiful and unique.

Today, we step into the world of Émigré and discover who they are, what makes them tick, and what’s coming down the line.

Who are Émigré?

Émigré has some serious pedigree. With a senior team that hails from Canada, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, there is a beautiful blend of ideologies, techniques, and goals. You may have heard of Crafted Goods, a brand that Émigré CEO Ralph Thoma masterminded with Chief Designer Thanh Trinh, a brand that has garnered praise from all who’ve carried. Crafted Goods have innovated time after time with fabrics that are new to market, being some of the first to use variations of X-PAKTM and Cordura® when they were launched. These materials weren’t used because they were new and shiny, but rather because they fit CG’s exacting standards and helped to elevate their already excellent designs to the next level. 

Crafted Goods

Crafted Goods is an Urban brand through and through, designed to blend in with the sharp architecture of cities, and handle whatever the concrete jungle throws at you. Émigré on the other hand is decidedly refined, understated and luxurious.

Émigré’s inaugural collection

Émigré is built for the modern professional who travels; their products are designed to fit into any boardroom, any jet, and any hotel lobby. It is the modern upgrade to the traditional travel bags that are so ubiquitous in airport lounges the world over. The name comes from a french word meaning those who have left their country and settled in another, something that the founding team all have in common. With a transient lifestyle comes the need for high quality, reliable, and timeless luggage.

Their inaugural luggage collection is a curated selection that includes a weekender, a briefcase, a backpack, and a tote. This is also complimented by a selection of accessories, such as wash bags, shoe bags, tech organizers and garment sleeves. From the design and aesthetic alone, it is clear to see the thought that has gone into these products. These are not a regurgitation of another travel bag with the Émigré logo; these are intentionally designed, function rich bags that will serve you well for many decades. 

A blend of high quality materials such as Robic® 100% recycled nylon, custom Duraflex® buckles, YKK® Metaluxe Tough zippers, and leather detailing cement the premium feel of Émigré’s collection. 

I think Émigré have hit a sweet spot here in a crowded market place, where the premium tag is often associated with heavy leather, or waxed cotton. While I enjoy those materials more than most, there is something refreshing about Émigré’s product line. It feels like the business bag grew up and came into the twenty-first century. These bags work excellently as stand alone pieces, but one could easily replace almost every other bag in their collection with Émigré and be all the happier for it. 

The aesthetics of these bags are simple, understated, and minimalist. However, don’t let that betray you to the level of detail inside. Thoughtful pockets, useful pen loops, high quality finishing and detailing make these bags as enjoyable to use as they are to look at. The 21L Boston Bag, for example, is designed to make your 48 hours of work travel or weekend exploration as seamless as possible. A dedicated section gives you a portable workspace, with space for a laptop, tablet, pens, notebooks and other office accoutrement. Spin the bag around and you’ll find two built in packing cubes, a clothing volume and a cinchable pocket for your water bottle. All elegantly housed in a Bluesign® approved Robic® recycled nylon that is TPU coated for water resistance.

There are hidden backpack straps and a shoulder strap which are easily stowed in a zipper pocket on the rear, along with an angled luggage pass through, that not only looks great, but accommodates easy placement and removal from your rolling luggage.  The garment organizer is a must have for any travel professional. This packing tool can house up to three days worth of clothing, and keep you ready for anything with a rigid compression system that keeps your clothes crisp and compliments the Boston bag for the complete travel set up.

Elsewhere, the briefcase, backpack, and tote all house similar thoughtful features while maintaining a professional outwards appearance. The Backpack is a slender 13L carry, that houses great organization including fleece lined zipper pockets for your precious essentials. The tote also comes in at 13L but the different form factor is charming and serves as a worthy companion once at your destination, the tote can be carried by hand, shoulder, or as a backpack if you purchase the available straps.

 The Backpack, Briefcase and Tote can all hold a 16” device, a tablet, and have intelligently placed organization pockets for your necessary accessories. In true minimalist fashion, these strike us as bags that allow you to carry the necessities and not an item more,  seamlessly working as day bags to allow you to explore in just as much comfort and style as you do on the initial journey.

What’s next?

Not only are Émigré making waves in the Carry world, in the autumn of 2022 they’ll be entering the travel apparel market. Similarly to their new carry line up, the Émigré wardrobe will feature an elegant, minimalist aesthetic that is constructed with natural, performance-driven materials. These apparel items are designed to work in Tandem with their excellent new Carry line, and provide exceptional garments that provide both function and fashion for the Modern professional, we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table. 

Émigré are a brand that is focused on making a refined range of products that work flawlessly, or as is as close as possible. I always admire that, when there is the patience and focus to create a few exceptional products, rather than a plethora of mediocre products. If their previous pedigree and inaugural collection are anything to go by, Émigré are here not only to make your working travel experience better, but they’re here to stay.

Thanks to the fine folks at Émigré for being a curated sponsor

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