Fun Toy Storage

MiniOwls was created by two moms who believe getting organized is not about being perfect, but for customizing spaces that work for families. They began creating storage solutions to help calm the chaos that comes with young children. Today, they offer essential organizational products that make the MiniOwls brand recognized and loved by many families globally. Follow them on Instagram @mini_owls. 

MiniOwls offer the most adorable plush toy organizers that make cleaning your room fun. Make a game out of cleaning up! Choose from hammocks, storage bags, and chains. Kids can even build their own bean bag chair for studying! All available on Amazon! 

Get Kids Organized With Help From MiniOwls

Kids love their plush toys that always seem to multiply on their own! 

Toy Storage Hammock

  • A premium net for kids’ rooms and playroom organization

  • A top-rated organizer for stuffed animals, pet plush toys, dolls, balls, blankets, emoji pillows, light sport equipment 

  • An alternative to the bean bag, storage box, bin, basket, and chest

  • Create a stacking unit by purchasing two or more 

  • Available in nine colors in large and extra large sizes

  • Price: Starting at $14.98


 Toy Storage Bag 

  • A stuffed toy organizer when filled turns into a bean bag

  • Changes a mountain of clutter into a fashionable chair

  • Its triangular shape creates a comfortable seat with a backrest for reading a book, playing video games, or simply relaxing in front of the TV

  • Choose from three styles and two sizes

  • Price: Starting at $26.98 

Plush Toy Storage Bag

  • Hide clutter in style with this spotlight stealing faux fur storage organizer and change a mountain of clutter into a fashionable plush chair. 
  • Perfect for soft toys, throw pillows, blankets, dress up costumes and more! 
  • High quality materials and heavy duty zipper makes these plushes built to last. 
  • $39.99


Storage Chain

  • A clutter-free solution that teaches kids organization skills and responsibility in a few easy steps

  • This nicely polished white chain fits every decor as well as creates extra storage space in any home, store, and office

  • Includes 20 clips for vertical or horizontal hanging

  • Also works for hats, dress up clothes and more! 

  • Price: $15.98


My Thoughts 

 Okay so I can honestly say that I was not the initial person who tested this item. When it first came in the mail, my four year old came to me asking, "What is that?" I told him what it was, and explained what it did. I went back to doing the dishes and when I looked back, he and the plush storage bag were gone. He went up into his room, gathered a bunch of his toys, and filled the bag. I was impressed. I will say the only thing he did not quite get the memo on, was putting soft items in the bag. So when I went to lay on it, i hurt my head lol. This storage bag is super soft and plush, and made a wonderful addition to underneath his bunk bed in the fort area. 

This company has a lot of wonderful storage options. They come in multiple colors, and very different types as well. This is definitely made by moms for moms. The amount of toys can be overwhelming, and finding cute storage options is always a wonderful thing. If you are feeling the need for some declutter in your life, this is definitely a company you should check out. It definitely is more fun then your typical toy chest. 

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