Grown-Up Lunch Containers That Will Have You Thinking Outside the Box

I never thought that I would be so excited over choosing a lunch box, but that has become my life at 30 years old, ironically. Things really do come full-circle, don’t they? Much like finding the right cordless vacuum and bringing home the perfect Ikat rug for my apartment, sorting through lunch containers is one of the most adult-y things I look forward to. And lucky for me, lunch boxes have gotten quite the glow up since our elementary school days.

That’s mainly because the whole concept of the brown bag has completely changed from when I was growing up. Nowadays, lunch boxes are trendy, high quality and accessorized with thoughtful compartments. You can find ones that help keep your sandwich from getting too soggy, and ones that come with a nifty ice pack. And then there are stylish glass ones that are eco-friendly and built like a Russian doll, so you can pack multiple snacks inside. The options are seemingly endless.

Sure, many of us may still be working from home, but the use of quality food storage items goes beyond just the office. Whether you need a stylish bento box to pack on your weekend trip or a container to use for spaghetti leftovers, take a look at some of our top picks below.


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Bentgo Original Grey All-in-One Lunch Box — $15.00

This lunch box’s grey, neutral colors and stackable design make it look more like an organizer than a place to store your sandwich. The box comes with two BPA-free plastic containers to hold both a main meal and side dish, like fruits and veggies. Additionally, it includes one full set of utensils and a nifty little strap that wraps around the box to make it easier to transport and keep the lids secure.

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Typhoon Pure 2-Piece Sustainable Black Lunch Set — $26.00

If sustainability is what you want, then that’s exactly what you’ll get with this Typhoon set. The lunch box is made entirely from bamboo fiber and is perfect for storing quick and easy meals, like the leftover sir fry or the veggie bowls you prepped the night before. Also, the matching 17-ounce glass tumbler can hold many types of drinks, from your iced matcha latte to your morning coffee.

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BergHOFF Leo Pink and Gray Dual Lunch Pot — $35.00

Talk about convenience. These Berghoff lunch pot helps take some of the headache out of packing wet and dry foods together. The pot breaks down into two containers to separate your food. For example, if you’re making a parfait, you can keep the berries and nuts in the smaller container and put the yogurt in the larger container below until you’re ready to mix the two. This is especially great for smoothies and other healthy snacks. Plus, its smaller size makes it super handy to take on a hiking trail or during a trip to the beach.

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Fit & Fresh Classic Insulated Lunch Bag with Ice Pack and Container Set — $30.00

This is not your mother’s sack lunch. This Fit & Fresh reimagines the classic brown bag with a more functional design. There are three extra containers inside for you to pack all lunch essentials, from small to large portions of food. Each container also has a waterproof liner to help keep moisture from seeping out in case its soup day.

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Hadaki Insulated Lunch Pod — $30.00

For the times when you want to picnic in the park or bring some food with you on a road trip, this Hadaki lunch pod is here for you. Thanks to its bright floral pattern, it seems like just another stylish small clutch in your closet. Made of faux leather, this lunch bag has water-repellant fabric to help keep moisture and odors from making it smell.

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