Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

Office secret Santas are tricky whether you get your BFF, your boss or your workplace nemesis. The perfect secret Santa gift should be light-hearted, useful, fall at a reasonable price point, and ideally should be reflective of the recipient’s likes or hobbies. In other words, picking out the right gift is no small task. To help you with your search, we rounded up the best secret Santa gifts under $25 for every type of co-worker.


1. Work from Home Survival Kit

This little kit is the perfect mix of silly and useful. Even if your office isn’t fully remote anymore, it’s likely that many people are still working from home for at least a few days each week. Help your secret Santa survive those days with earplugs, a webcam cover, conference call bingo, an outfit decision coin, fidget cube and desk yoga guide. Is it silly? Yes, of course. But really, what more could you want in the best secret Santa gifts under $25?

Work from Home Survival Kit, best secret Santa gift under $25 Buy: Work from Home Survival Kit $20.00

2. Standard Baggu

Quality reusable bags are an underrated gift. Many stores no longer offer single-use bags, or if they do, they charge a fee. Choose the color or pattern of Baggu that best fits the personality of your secret Santa so that they’ll be excited to carry around this cute and sturdy bag while running errands. This secret Santa gift under $25 comes in just about a trillion different colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find something they like.

secret Santa gifts under $25, standard baggu reusable bag Buy: Standard Baggu $12.00

3. NYC Pizza Rescue Kit

Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone lives or works in cities that have the best pizza. Whether your office orders in some mediocre pies or your secret Santa just loves to grab a slice for lunch, they’ll appreciate having this NYC Pizza rescue kit at their desk to spice up any meal.

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nyc pizza rescue kit , secret Santa gifts under $25 Buy: NYC Pizza Rescue Kit $15.00

4. Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Staying caffeinated is a very important part of the workday, so having a good travel mug to take your first few cups from home and keep them warm is essential. Anyone can appreciate this vacuum-sealed travel mug that’s leak-proof and will keep their coffee or tea hot for up to five hours.

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contigo travel mug, secret Santa gifts under $25 Buy: Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless Steel Travel Mug $16.99

5. Blue Light Blocking Clip-On LED Reading Light

The warm gentle light emitted from this clip-on reading light is almost 100 percent free of blue spectrum light, making it perfect to use while reading before bed. It’s lightweight, travel-friendly and has extra-long battery life. It’s the ideal secret Santa gift under $25 for anyone who shares a bed with a partner or has trouble sleeping after using harsh light.

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reading light Buy: Blue Light Blocking Clip-On LED Reading Light $12.95

6. Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws

These convenient little portable pouches for reusable straws make drinking all of your favorite cold beverages that much easier and more eco-friendly. We all know that paper straws are not it, so grab one of these to help your secret Santa out, with extra-long cleaning brushes included.

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reusable portable straw Buy: Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws $6.99

7. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

The constant coffee drinker in your office needs something to keep their cup-of-joe warm during the cold months. Get them this easy mug warmer from Mr. Coffee.

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Coffee Mug Warmer Mr. Coffee

Buy: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer $10.99


8. Fitglam Silk Sleep Mask

For the co-worker that’s always traveling or taking “power naps” in the office, treat them to this under $25 secret Santa gift from Fitglam. It’s made of smooth mulberry silk and comes in 17 color combos.

Sleeping Mask

Buy: Fitglam Silk Sleep Mask $7.99


9. Ticent Dog Paws & Bones Cake Pan

Some co-workers can’t stop talking about their dogs — and might even bring them to work. This dog treat cake pan allows them to cook their hound’s favorite dish at home.

Dog Treat Maker

Buy: Ticent Dog Paws & Bones Cake Pan $15.99


10. Gifts & Decor Tabletop Zen Garden

This calming mini zen garden makes the ideal secret Santa gift under $25 for the stressed-out boss or co-worker. It comes with everything they need to start working on a little haven, including a mini rake, rocks, sand, and a candle holder.

Mini Zen Garden

Buy: Gifts & Decor Tabletop Zen Garden $20.40


11. KidsFunwares TriceraTACO Taco Holder

If your giftee has kids — or just eats like one in the office — they’ll appreciate this TriceraTaco taco holder. It solves the age-old taco-falling-over issue and gets some laughs in the process.

Taco Holder Funny

Buy: KidsFunwares TriceraTACO Taco Holder $19.99


12. National Etching Wine Glass

This wine glass features unique measurements just for the office wino. The writing is also etched instead of printed, so it feels a little more luxurious — even though the etching is anything but.

Funny Wine Glass

Buy: National Etching Wine Glass $17.99


13. Final Touch Watermelon Keg

If your co-worker can’t wait till next summer, fuel their excitement with this watermelon keg tapping kit for the best secret Santa gift under $25. Hollow out the fruit, attach the faucet and fill with your favorite beverage for the best drink dispenser at the barbecue or picnic.

Fuit Keg Machine, secret Santa gifts under $25

Buy: Final Touch Watermelon Keg $21.95


14. Kingsford Original Charcoal

For the office clown, hated boss, or troublemaker, do like Santa and get them this bag of coal. It’s a little ruthless but who knows — they might actually use it for barbecuing.

Charcoal Kingsford, secret Santa gifts under $25

Buy: Kingsford Original Charcoal $19.29


15. DecoBros Desk Organizer

Every office has that one worker that just can’t keep their desk clean and organized. If you’re their Secret Santa, help them out with this desk organizer from DecoBros for one of the best secret Santa gifts under $25.

Desk Organizer, secret Santa gifts under $25

Buy: DecoBros Desk Organizer $19.97


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