How I Organize Everything in My Bathroom

Hi friend!  Welcome to a fresh, new week! We had a lot going on this weekend – Astros game, my son’s track meet, celebrating Tarah’s birthday at Hamburger Mary’s, and celebrating Jordan’s friend’s birthday at the park.  If you’ve never been to Hamburger Mary’s, it’s definitely a treat! See my Stories for a sneak peek!

I’m making sure to get my favorite Monday workout in, it’s an hour long HITT class with weights and it’s a great way to start the week.

How I Organize Everything in My Bathroom

A couple weeks ago, I welcomed you into my primary bathroom and today I’m sharing how I organize everything in my bathroom.

I like getting to see things like that, and hopefully, you get some organization tips to help you organize your own bathroom.

Of course, the easiest way to keep things organized is to not have too much stuff.  I have my fair share, but not more than my space allows for.

If you have too much, you can “let the boundary be the bad guy.”  That means, keep what you can comfortably contain and toss or donate the rest.  That way, the storage, (i.e. the drawer or shelf for cabinet) creates the boundary for how much it can hold.  Anything else is will mean drawers and cabinets overflowing and causing us stress every time we open them.

It’s so much more refreshing to have room to breath inside those storage areas.  It makes getting ready (and every area of your life) much more easy to maintain and manage.

MirrorsWall SconcesRugAcrylic JarsGlass JarTray

Here’s a larger scale picture of my bathroom so you can see what we’re working with.  My bathroom has a double sink and mirrors with lots of drawer space (9 in total) and two large cabinets.  This is plenty of storage for everything I use, but I’m still careful to continually assess what I have to make sure I’m using the space wisely.


Let’s start on the far left.  This is the first drawer I access every morning when I wake up since it has my vitamins and prescriptions I take daily.

Drawer organization Bathroom

Gold Rimmed OrganizersColleen Rothschild SkincarePill Organizer

It’s very helpful to have drawer dividers/organizers in your drawers so that everything is neatly separated.  I’m crazy for the pretty factor of the Gold Rimmed Organizers I found at The Container Store.  They are acrylic with a gold edge and come in a set of six different sizes.  You can have fun arranging them and seeing how they best fit your space.

T3 Hair Tools, Drawer Organizer

T3 Hair DryerT3 Hair Curling IronT3Curling Iron 1 inchBrush With Teal HandleT3 Brush • Drawer Organizer

In the next two drawers are my hair tools.  I use an acrylic drawer organizer to keep them separate.

Drawer Organization, Drybar Hairbrush, T3 Tools, Hair brush

T3 Hair Dryer BrushDrybar Dryer BrushGHD Curling IronT3 Curling Iron 1.75Vented Hair BrushDrawer Organizers


Drybar Dryer Brush SET (normally $255, $155 on sale!) 

Moving onto the middle drawers, the top one gets first priority with things I use daily like my contacts, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and sunscreen.

Gold Rimmed Container

I use the same Gold Rimmed Organizers here to keep everything separated into their own categories. I use sticky tacky putty to keep the drawers in place so they don’t slide around. If I’m being picky, this clear sticky putty would be better since it’s clear and you wouldn’t notice it as much.

Cloth Dividers

Similar Container Store Divider

In the middle drawer from left to right are: hair styling products, self tanner and makeup brush cleaner, extra shampoo and conditioner. I like to stand the hair products upright, so I use a three-section divider. This is one I had on hand that is actually meant for my closet dresser drawers.

Pet Grooming Kit Wahl Clippers

Amazon Pet Grooming Kit • Similar Grooming KitAmazon Clipper Set

In the bottom drawer are my dog grooming tools and a clipper kit I got to cut my son’s hair.  I have to say I am so impressed with the dog grooming it.  It’s actually a vacuum that sucks up all the hair as you’re cutting so there’s no mess everywhere!

Before I started using it, I had dog hair everywhere and would cut Luke’s hair outside since it was impossible to clean it all up.  Now, it’s mess free and works so well!

Acrylic JarsGlass JarTrayCleansing Balm

Now we’re at the second sink and third set of drawers.  Since I share this bathroom with my 7 year-old daughter, that top drawer holds things she uses daily.

The Home Edit Dividers

The Home Edit Dividers

We have her toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush and nasal spray for allergies.  She also loves these shower steamers so we keep them here.  Almost time to reorder!

I also charge my watch on this counter at night, so that’s where I keep the cord.

Container Store Dividers

The Container Store Bins

Below that are where we keep our towels.  But, honestly, I may move these to my son’s bathroom because we’ve only been using the two towels that my mom got us for my birthday. They’re from Walmart and so pretty and absorbent!

Double Towel RackWalmart Bath TowelsStool

Drawer Organzation

And, an empty drawer!


Metal Door Organizer

Door Organization Rack

One of the things I’ve found so handy is the door organization rack.  I have two under my kitchen sink and love them so much that I put one in my bathroom too.  I like how I don’t have to bend down so far to reach these things.

Also, the rack fits onto your cabinet door with a strong adhesive, so you don’t have to drill into the drawers.

Under Sink Organization

Two- Tier StandThe Container Store Bins

I also have one of these Two- Tier Stands under my kitchen sink and it came in a 2-pack.  Only one fits under my kitchen sink because of the drain, so I put the second one under my sink.  It’s convenient because it has two tiers and the bottom tier slides out for easy accessibility.

Two- Tier Stand

Two- Tier Stand

Under Sink Storage, Bins, Qtip Holder

Glass Jar Organizers

In the two bins are additional body wash, shave gel, skin care, contacts, toothpaste and mouthwash.

Body Wash, Shave Gel

Dove Body WashShave Gel

Shower SqueegeeShampooConditionerScalp ScrubPumice Stone Billie RazorOribe Clarifying ShampooPurple ShampooOlaplexShave GelBody Wash

If you happen to be designing a bathroom, this built-in shelve alcove is so perfect for holding all the things we need to keep in our shower.

Travel Bags for Toiletries

Striped BagCream BagSquare Makeup Travel BagBlack Toiletry Bag

In the second cabinet are my toiletry bags.  I could probably move them to the empty drawer and have this as an empty space.


MirrorLighted MirrorOttomanTrash CanRug · CardiganTankJeansWatchLuke

I love having this vanity space and large mirror for putting my makeup on everyday.  I added the ottoman that was previously in my closet as a soft seat and it slides perfectly under the drawer.

Drawer Organization

Similar Linen Tray

There is one shallow drawer where I store my makeup.  Since the drawer is so shallow, regular drawer dividers don’t work here.   To keep things semi-organized, I use these linen trays.  Three of them happen to fit the drawer perfectly!

Acrylic Tray

The top drawer is also super shallow, so I just put lip pencils and a few glosses here.

Drawer Organization

Gold Rimmed Drawer Organizer  • Lipstick Organizer

Below that is lipstick, additional brushes, sponges, setting spray and my lash curler.

Bathroom organization

In the bottom drawer are my nail polish and nail care.


Bathroom Decor & Organization


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I hope you enjoyed getting a look into my bathroom organization.  Here, you can see how I organize my pantry!

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Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!