How to use oracle cards to tap into your intuition and support you in navigating 2021.

What’s in store for 2021? What messages do the cards have for you? Have you been looking for a sign and open to hearing or seeing one? Contemplate and enjoy messages from the oracle cards.

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Transcript How to Use Oracle Cards to Tap into Your Intuition

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They on clear your clutter inside now? We’re having some fun and looking at what’s in the cards. What’s in store for 2021? What messages do the cards have for you? Have you been looking for a sign and are open to hearing or seeing one? contemplate and enjoy messages from the Oracle cards? As we continue our month focused on welcoming 2021? Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside now. We’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. Today is a bonus episode, I thought we’d have some fun. I love Oracle cards, because they allow me to focus my intuition. I try really, really hard pay attention to what messages are coming my way. And you know, when we lost our cab, Athena, I got messages constantly from her for 24 hours, and I’m still getting messages, which helped me heal. I know they were from her. It’s things that are as unbiased as I tend to be and really like, oh, Is that real? Yes, it’s real. And we are constantly our intuition is dropping hints of the universe is saying, Hey, hello, look over here. But are we open to it? are we paying attention? Oracle cards helped me clear spiritual clutter, because it allows me to focus. And it’s the same with mental clutter and emotional clutter. It allows me to get calm, get centered, and focus, what is it that I need to hear. I pulled one the other day, getting ready for something to do with the HOA, and it was unconditional love. The part of me was kind of annoyed, really. I need to show these people unconditional love. But it allowed me to take a step back. And think, before I spoke, I was like, I’m not gonna respond. And I’m gonna have all my words, so that as much as humanly possible, I can come from love. I did this a few years ago. And I love it. And whenever I’m on social media, and I see pick a card, any card, or someone they have those cute little short videos, someone I know does it they flip cards and they edit in the messages, I always stop, I always stop or I like the ones when it’s, you know, I don’t know how you do a screenshot, I just hit on it eventually until it’ll stop. But I always do that. So I thought that we’d enjoy this today. And I’m also going to encourage you to listen to this later, maybe it’s a year or two from now maybe it’s six months. Time is a manmade construct. So you’re gonna get the messages that you need to hear when you need to hear them. You know, I talked about reading, Eat, Pray Love every couple years, because I learned something new or reading it Oh, you really needed to hear that. And you missed that last time or it didn’t stand out. But it’s going to apply with where I am. And what I need to hear saying with all the podcasts, maybe pick up something you haven’t gotten to in a year, because there might be a message that you need to hear what I ended up doing, I’m getting smarter as I get older, is I pick seven decks for today. They’re new ones, we didn’t use them a couple years ago. And it’s not clutter if I use it. And so what I ended up doing was getting smarter and I that

I have a little reading chair, little area in our bedroom where I can read. And so I meditated, I was like what is it that people need to hear. And then I went through the decks until of course Tony set off the fire alarm cooking. But thankfully, we were able I had pulled the card and take a break and it ended up working. Okay, so I don’t think we have any crazy energy that we need to worry about. So what I did was picked a card from the deck, have everything ready. So I I’m excited because I saw a couple things that haven’t read it and I was like, Ooh, this is gonna be really fun. So I will show you if you’re watching on YouTube. And in the show notes, I will include the name of the deck and the person that wrote it and I laid them all out and asked to be intuitively LED. What is the order of all this? And then as I shuffled and put my energy on it, I know some people are really super hard and you know a card might flip out and that’s the one you’re supposed to use only and don’t do that shuffle in the energy and I said what is it that people listening and watching need to hear most? If you’ve been contemplating anything, just listen what feels right for you and go from there, and really embrace and be open to listening and not just today be open to seeing the signs everywhere because they are if we want to pay attention, you know, one example is when we had to put Athena down and we had to put her down. The day before the election, I figured she checked out them because she’s like, I don’t want to deal with this crazy America. And so I couldn’t sleep. And I woke up at like three in the morning. And so I didn’t go on Google, I went on DuckDuckGo which if you don’t want to be tracked, it’s great. And I’m trying to use that more. And so I look for signs that your cat is trying to get your message. And the cat that popped up on the thing is a Tabby now, four out of five cats are black, and a Tabby is the first thing I see when I post on this and then the next morning I’m on this newsletter which is really great and it really details what’s going on in Raleigh for the it’s really well done. And they just happen to do a whole thing now there’s nothing really left for me to talk about animals that need adopted. Well guess what there is a picture of a tabby cat. So in addition to this episode, I’m just saying just be open and especially if you’ve been struggling I know that your love and look for those signs. So the first deck guided was healing with the angel Oracle cards and these are all Oracle cards they are not tarot cards which are different so this was by Doreen Virtue who no longer that’s a whole other story just Google that so I’ll do right here in front of my face if you’re watching healing with the Oracle card, guys, I was totally pumped. One guess what I pulled for everyone manifestation. And so I will read you, we have to say with manifestation now only three of the decks came with cards but here’s what manifestation says. You have manifested new opportunities and abundance I mean, awesome 2021 Hulu, know that you can experience these. These gifts right now. Okay, right in this moment, right in this moment, you can experience manifestation. Your hope for aspirations are on their way to you, they may arrive in a different fashion than you expected. Remember, let’s not always get caught up in how we expect things to arrive. But the rewards that you truly desire, such as feelings of peace, security and happiness, are manifested exactly as you requested. Ask your angels to help you have faith in your ability to manifest with this faith you and God can do anything. This is a process by which all thoughts transform in a tangible form. First, they begin with an as an idea is born of divine sources. Then the idea meets with the feeling if the feeling is loving and nurturing the idea and the feeling create the embryo of the manifestation. You nourish your newborn idea by believing in it and by following the step by step guidance that God and the angels give to you through your feelings dreams and visions. I love that so again that’s in addition to manifesting paying attention What are you feeling if something doesn’t feel good? If you’re probably not going to want to manifest that so your dreams your dreams tell you everything. So again, this

is healing with the angels Oracle card by doreen virtue. Now the second one, this is so pretty is the crystal Oracle which is by Tony Carmine Salerno was really pretty look at this cover. And guys, you can always hop on YouTube if you’re on the podcast. I was excited because the card I pulled I had never heard of and it is Australian for all my Aussie listeners agate since Australian agate. So we will read and again this is from Crystal Oracle. The words are perception and drank. courage and stamina, right all words all things that we had to do strength, courage, stamina, especially to get us through the year that shall not be named. So this is what she says about Australian agate. Again, hopefully I’m saying that okay. Your power of perception, along with your mental and physical body is presently being strengthened. This will give you the courage and the energy required to tackle what seems at present, to be a complex and somewhat in surmountable problem, it’s not great to know you have the courage to do what you need to do. This problem involves someone who is incompatible with your ideas and principles, you’re being urged to stand your ground, yet keep your calm. Don’t allow yourself to be psychologically or emotionally bullied. All concern will soon realize the truth of what you have already known for quite some time that this particular person is simply not the person who they present themselves to be. Ooh, so that’s really interesting. So think on your life, someone’s going to show you basically who they are. And that your physical body and mine are being strengthen. It’s going to give you courage to tackle and the energy, something that you’ve been like, wow, I don’t know if I can do this. And I get sad. Yes, you can. And then someone who maybe isn’t compatible, maybe you’ve been contemplating him. I don’t know how I feel about this person. And I’m kind of cracking up as I read this, because while I’m limiting myself on Facebook, I’m going to be doing a house cleansing, and I was like, should I? Well, that’s just telling me I am on the right path. Okay, the third deck. And this did not come with a little guidebook. So we’ll just read what’s on the card. The universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein. So if you’ve been wondering, does the universe have my back? I pulled the deck so I’m gonna say yes. So the card to the day, not a pretty I think these are all these cards are so beautifully illustrated. The moment I realign with love, clear direction is presented to me. I have to tell you something interesting. Well, I’ll wait till I get that deck the card I pulled. So I want to say that again. This is an important message, right? Because we’re always coming from love or we’re always coming from fear. And the moment I realign with love. clear direction is presented to me. So maybe you’re contemplating something or something’s bothering you, and you sit in meditation. And if you find yourself and I’m telling you there multiple times, if I’m really angry, or upset, I have to Okay, bring it back to love. Bring it back to love. And you know, you might not be able to answer something in that moment and take time back to come and get grounded and get centered. But what great advice is that the moment that you realign with love, you’re going to hear what you need to so just as you move forward this year, think about that. When do you need to stop, take a breath and come back to love. Does the thought of clearing your clutter overwhelm you? Clear your clutter inside now has 21 standalone chapters to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Stop being afraid, gain clarity and go at your own pace. The clear your clutter inside that workbook lets you record your thoughts step by step as you go through the book. Free mp3 meditation with purchase, get control of your clutter. So your clutter doesn’t control you. reclaim time, money, sanity and resources, Learn more at reawaken your brilliance calm and also available for purchase on Amazon. Now this is the last one, I believe with the Oracle book. So this is moon ology. Oracle cards and that pretty

and and inside it says let the moon be your guide. And this is by Yasmin Boland. And then I’ll tell you what I do every year, I think twice a year, Hay House has sale and honestly that is when I buy my Oracle card. So I pulled from rhinology. And I love this. If you have been a longtime listener of the podcast, I hope that you have a big grin on your face and you are good enough if you’re new to the podcast, I often say you are good enough, you are worthy in your love. And this is full moon and Virgo. So we have that in that pretty nun on the other side. It has the moon phases. So you’re good enough. And this is what she has to say about this. And there’s a lot to this. I’m gonna have to take off my glasses on this one. So you’re good enough full moon and Virgo. It’s time to be really honest with yourself and understand what’s led you to ask your question. Have you been humbled to the point of being self effacing humility is good but it can go too far. And drawing this card suggests you may be underrating yourself. You don’t have to be flashy, just quietly certain that you are good enough. At the other end of the scale, you also need to honestly answer this question. Have you been too picky? The full moon and Virgo card needs some truthful answers. And once you’ve given them It should be easier to see how you got where you are. Your next step should then be more obvious to you. Pay attention to the details. Hard work brings results. attune to the moon, find a balance between the cosmic and the mundane in your daily life. Additional meanings for this card worrying too much will attract more things to worry about. I’ve talked about that before where the attention goes energy flows. Have you been overly critical? An apology may be an order. Stop second guessing yourself and raise your karma by doing something good for someone else. The teaching Oh my God, I’m completely cracking up guys. I mean, the full moon in Virgo is a time to declutter your life, your home and your office. Okay, you’re listening to this podcast. This is what the podcast is about. So you’re on the right track, you need to be decluttering stick around. It’s the time to sort what’s good in your life from what’s not serving you. It’s also the time to clear out your energies via salt baths and meditations and to practice getting more grounded by walking barefoot. I’m barefoot as I record this. No matter when you draw this card, it’s a reminder that anytime is a good time to start living a healthier life. I have to tell you guys, I’m completely loving all of these cards. Because, again, I’ve sat and shuffled in. Wow. Now I did something a little bit different for deck five. This is the practice you daily awakening deck by Elena Brower. Not pretty I love all these. So I’m going to do a two card spread. So for the two cards spread, the first signifies what the past is here to teach you. As we begin the year, maybe contemplate if this is something you got from last year. And the second provides a glimpse into the future. I thought that’d be pretty nice. So this again, is from the practice you desk. And this doesn’t have a little guidebook. So we’re just going to read what’s on the cards. You can see that and then this side, okay, so this is the past is here to teach you. This is my prayer, to embody faith in myself. So think about oh, maybe it was yesterday. Maybe it was last month, maybe it was last year embodying faith in yourself, where did you learn to have faith? Where in the past? Did you not have faith? And that is what the significant to teach you. Now this is a glimpse into the future. not pretty. This is today’s prayer for inner dignity. So this is owning your truth and setting boundaries, having inner dignity. So contemplate that for a moment. What does that mean to you? If I were to think about that?

It would be being true to my soul. I mean, not just involving other people but just myself have I honored what my soul wants which is really interesting as I felt last year was a foundation changing saying I don’t want to do this anymore. This new year is going to open up opportunities you know, we’re moving in the spring and that is telling me because I made a decision on something and someone said Oh no, no, don’t do that. But that’s about following my inner dignity. Ah, this is just phenomenal. So the next one number six feared cat and that is by Where is her name? I don’t see her name Nicole pair power power I’ll have all this in that pretty when everyone is locked down and I was supporting a small business for the week I found this deck online and then I sent it to kotti because just as a hey I want to support this person and then I was like well I should probably get that already cat Oracle decks what some cat mom what’s going on here and to tell you I was really touched because I felt Athena when I was shuffling this ah interesting what we got soulmate. Meet moon and Mir They are perfect reflections of each other. They have so much to teach each other and so much to learn. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, they reflect each other’s light back at each other. They are both emanating and reflecting. Look around. Your friends and family are perfect reflections of you. They are in your dream just as you are in their dream, a perfect paradox. So with each interaction, ask yourself, What do I have to learn from you? What do I have to share with you? What are you teaching me about myself? Remember, we are here to help each other grow. I absolutely love that. I think a lot of times we get stuck on all soulmates a romance, or romantic partner. But this is such a great reminder, we are constantly learning from each other. I’m here to teach you and you all have taught me and how important that is, especially when the people that drive us nuts. What What am I learning here for me last year, a big lesson was speaking up standing up for myself, you are teaching me, you’ve helped co create the situation so I can stand up for myself. And I can say I’m good enough and I’m worthy. And it’s not okay to treat me that way. So I love this card. What a great way to go through the year. And in that moment getting centered and saying what are you teaching me? Right? Because that helps get you neutral, that helps you figure out and not get bent out of shape? And what can I learn and again, it’s not about not expressing the emotions. You know that by now if you’ve been listening for a while, but it’s what do I need to learn? What do I need to focus on? And because we started off with the healing deck, I thought, let’s end with one and that’s where I was guided. So this is the healing mantra deck. by Matt Hahn. We have seven for 2021. So this is expressing freewill. I love that. You know as much as I love I need to get someone on to talk about the multiverse because I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. As much as I believe in karma, I absolutely believe we have free will. So my choices determine how brightly I shine, reawaken your brilliance Hello looking like the little diamond like here. So my choices, determine how brightly I shine. You know I talk a lot, we always have a choice and doing nothing is a choice. So what you choose is going to determine how brightly shine and don’t let anyone else tell you. You are here to share your gifts with the world. And I have to tell you all I am in awe. I feel like we got an amazing reading for everyone that listens for everyone that watches I think for everything that I’ve talked about this is we have to do this. Every year something we’ll see. I just feel really honored by this. Because this is your energy to I asked the people that listen the people that are going to find this and what is it that they need to hear. And I really prayed on that and sat in my little meditation reading chair and had quiet and really wanted this to be awesome. And I’m over the moon with everything and I hope that you are equally as well.

And luckily, you can play this back over but I’m super excited that this just has has completely made my day and hopefully, it has made yours as well. take actions from today’s podcast. contemplate what you heard today. Consider if you are what you need to do with the information you receive. Think about if Oracle decks are something you’d enjoy using regularly. reflect on what other ways you can receive messages or hone in to your intuition. Pay attention to your messages. On our next episode, we’re talking about rituals. Go out and clear your clutter to create the life you choose. deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. even enjoy clear your clutter inside now. Please rate review and share us

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