If you own clothing store or a boutique you probably know that clothing racks are important to showcase your merchandise.

While almost all clothing racks provide the same essential function of showcasing clothes that are for sell, they are not all created equal. Clothing racks come in a variety of designs and styles as well as price points. Whether you are looking for functionality or aesthetics, below are some of our seven top clothing racks for your business.


Best Clothing Racks

Top Pick: Econoco Garment Rack

Runner Up:  Simple Houseware Clothing Rack

Best Value: Whitmor Adjustable 2-Rod Garment Rack


Econoco Garment Rack

Top Pick: Econoco directly serves the entire retail industry and the company has manufactured store fixtures and displays since 1925.

Econoco’s garment rack weighs 25.8 pounds and it is made of steel. It has a hang rail with 1-1/4″ round tubing and measures 60 1/2″ long. At 34 x 9 x 4.5 inches it also includes four casters and has a z-base with parts that bolt together for additional stability. Ideal for use in showrooms and warehouses this commercial garment rack is quite easy to assemble.

Commercial Garment Rack (Z Rack) – Rolling Clothes Rack, Z Rack With KD Construction

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Simple Houseware Clothing Rack

Runner Up: Simple Houseware’s steel clothing rack comes in a chrome finish, it is collapsible, and easy to move around. The horizontal rod can be extended from 42.5 inches to 66.75 inches and has four heavy duty 3-inch casters for easy mobility. The clothing rack comes in 42.5 x 18 x 62 inches and weighs just one pound. This rack is lightweight and is easily adjustable, so it can be used to hang shirts one minute and then extended to display dresses the next. It is also easy to assemble and take apart. This clothing rack is ideal for any clothing retailer for displaying sweaters, jackets, skirts, shirts and much more.

Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Clothing Garment Rack, Chrome

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Whitmor Adjustable 2-Rod Garment Rack

Best Value: Whitmor rolling garment rack comes with adjustable heights and widths which is great for organizing clothing. Weighing 7.16 pounds it is coupled with double hanging space which allows room for hanging pants, sweaters and also has enough room for other items on bottom rack. It comes in 20.13 x 36.25 x 73 inches dimensions and can be assembled without tools. The black epoxy frame and chrome hanging bars can easily blend with your showroom.

Whitmor Adjustable 2-Rod Garment Rack – Rolling Clothes Organizer – Black and Chrome

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AmazonBasics Expandable Hanging Metal Garment Rack

AmazonBasics’s expandable metal hanging wardrobe with shelves comes with plastic sleeves and weighs 39.74 pounds. This is a clothing shelf and rack hybrid that comes handy for displaying an assortment of garments. It is easy to adjust the rack to suit your particular needs.

It comes with 10 adjustable-height shelves, with five on each side. For added stability it has four extra-wide leveling feet. It can be expanded to adjustable-width hanging rods that can either be moved up or down in one -inch increments. The unit comes in 57 x 14 x 72 inches dimensions and is offered with a one-year limited warranty

Amazon Basics Expandable Metal Hanging Storage Organizer Rack Wardrobe with Shelves

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UDEAR Garment Rack

UDEAR garment rack comes with double-rod design to accommodate double the number of clothes to meet your display and storage needs. The bottom shelf can also hold multiple pairs of shoes while the top rack can hold clothing articles. Made with alloy steel this rack comes in at 43.3 x 21.2 x 59 inches and has a non-slip foot pad that makes the rack sturdier while protecting the floor from being scratched. Weighing 6.16 pounds it is easy to install and remove.

UDEAR Garment Rack Freestanding Hanger Double Pole Multi-Functional Bedroom Clothing Rack, White

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DecoBros Garment Rack

DecoBros garment rack comes in 51” L x 22” W x 60” H inches dimension with four inch casters. Weighing just 16 pounds it can holds up to 250 pounds of load. The horizontal rod can extend from 51 to 75 inches and the frames of the unit are made from industrial-strength steel.

DecoBros Supreme Commercial Grade Double Rail Garment Rolling Rack, Chrome Finish

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Honey-Can-Do Height-Adjustable Clothing Rack

Honey-Can-Do’s adjustable rolling clothing rack comes with a steel frame that is sturdy and rust-resistant. This clothes rack has 2.25 x 34 x 6-inch dimension and the height can be adjusted from 40 to 65 inches. The locking swivel casters makes it easy to move around merchandise with ease.

Honey-Can-Do Height-Adjustable Rolling Garment Rack with Shoe Shelf

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Types of Clothing Racks


Clothing racks are great for showcasing clothing in a way that’s easy for both shopper and shopkeeper. They help keep garments catch the eye of customers without taking up a great amount of space. Here are some of the types of clothing racks to look out for.

Two Way and four-way clothing racks: These racks help customers to see the entire front of the garment rather than just the shoulders. They are designed in a Waterfall style where the arms allow multiple garments in different colors or styles to be easily seen on two sides. Allowing customers to easily compare how various color options of a given clothing stack against each other. They help to maximize storage and display area and are viewable from just about any side.

Double Bar Racks: Double bar clothing racks are great for apparel retailers because they help to maximize the amount of inventory on the floor. These racks are designed to hold a large number of garments on two sides. By providing easy and robust displaying options these racks help you to maximize the availability of your offerings without taking up much space.

Rolling Racks: Provide for easy mobility within the store. They also come in handy during fashion shows or trade fairs. Clothing racks with caster can easily transport merchandise around the shop, or from one place to another, making them perfect for stores that change layouts on a regular basis..

Circle or spiral Racks: They help to showcase as much merchandise on the sales floor and come in various sizes. These are ideal in retail to showcase garments in an elegant manner with a bit more style than a regular straight bar rack.

Shelf-Rack Combo: These help to show customers a complete repertoire of outfits. They not only facilitate sales of numerous products by making it easy for customers to put together an ensemble but also by placing everything together.


Clothing Racks Benefits

Given the fact that clothing racks come in various shapes and capacities, their main purpose is to hold and display items. Their applications include sales, promotions and creating experiences. Additional benefits of clothing racks include:

Add Dimension: A benefit of clothing racks is adding dimensions and volume to your store. Not all display racks should be the same height, size or shape. Play with heights and widths to show the full range of your offerings. This will help create a visually appealing ambiance to attract interest and encourage sales.

Create a great experience: Clothing racks can play a role on how customers experience your store. By creating an experience, you can draw attention to foot traffic using your creativity.

Increase product bundling: Clothing racks provide a sense of organization and can be crucial for customer experiences. You can use them to display products together that complement each other to further boost sales. Different racks allow different items to be displayed at the same time.

Promotions: Clothing racks can play an important role in promotions. They can help feature items that you want to promote so they can stand out. You can also boost your promotions by incorporating signage on these racks for added effect.

Set the Tone: Because of the image you want to portray for your business there are different styles, colors and sizes of racks that can align with your store’s needs. The clothing rack you choose to use can add to the ambiance that can resonate with your customers and consistently promote a recognizable brand.


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