Kayla and TikTok

I’m not a TikTok girl.  I am around the computer enough each day writing blog posts and taking care of the blog that I need ZERO more time in front of a screen.  I’ve also heard it’s one of those things that once you jump on, time flies by.  Me, I’d rather have something to show for the things I get sucked into…like a finished quilt or a finished cross stitch piece.

Our daughter Kayla is a TikTok girl and our son Buck loves TikTok too.  For those of you who don’t know, TikTok is an app kind of like Facebook or Instagram only what’s show is short videos.  Like other social media apps, you can post a lot or little…you can watch a lot or a little.

Kayla’s TikTok is mzkpinz.  She posts quite a few videos and the majority of them are teacher-related.

This first video is about an organizer she uses in the school classroom.  It’s great for teachers who are teaching older kids.  The video has had 308,000 views.

This is what it looks like…The kids are assigned a number and have to put their paper under the designated number.  When Kayla slides them out, the papers are organized in alphabetical order, and grading the papers and putting them in the grade book is so much easier.

You can find it HERE.

It can be used for putting things in numeric, alphabetical, monthly, or daily order.  I’d love it but I really have no use for it but if you’re a teacher or in an office setting, it looks so useable.

She is working with her kids in health class trying to help them have a more positive mindset.  This next quick video she did was so cute…

This kid totally had a good mindset.  We all need to be more like him.

Here Kayla did a great video on trying to make yourself more relatable when you are a teacher.

This next one I thought was so cute as I remember Kayla as a 17-year-old.

This last one might bring a tear to your eye.  I was a midwest farmer’s daughter and later was married to the midwest farmer, Kayla’s dad, who she is talking about in this video.

I think not hugging and being affectionate was a characteristic of not only mid-west farmer’s daughters but by many dads of the baby bomb generation.  Curiously I’d love to know how your dad was with you…Can you relate to Kayla??  I know I sure can.

So that’s what’s going on with Kayla now.  If you have an upper-level teacher in your life and they are a TikTok user, let them know about Kayla’s account.  They might find something useful there.

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