Make Your Bike a Centerpiece With This Swank Italian Storage Cabinet

This handsome cabinet will definitely attract attention. It might also necessitate a new line of credit.

Milan-based furniture builder Vadolibero believes bicycles are art. The company’s stated aim is “to create a compelling wonderland for cyclists,” evidently through the vehicle of its bike storage solutions.

The company’s newest addition, the Domus R3, has inspired us to travel through the looking glass. More than a cabinet for storing your bike, it shows off a handlebar-shaped LED-lighted rod inside a unit made of tasteful wood “essences.”

If you can’t get psyched about a functional conversation piece constructed from “essences,” we don’t know what to tell you. Join us for a sensory journey through bike furniture wonderland.

I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

vadolibero domus r3 handlebar bike storage cabinet

Vadolibero Domus R3 Features

The Domus R3 is a tight and functional package in an attractive jacket.

The five “essence” choices include natural oak, dark brown oak, black oak, and “the precious” (company’s word choice) Canaletto walnut. You’ve seen Canaletto walnut before — perhaps on the record player cabinet/wet bar in your boss’s office, or as an inlay on the border of a very special chess set.

Look a little closer at the solid wood cabinet, and the attention to detail starts to make itself apparent. The contoured rod lights up and dims at a touch, shedding the perfect amount of light to highlight your precious cycle and cycling implements.

The surprisingly deep drawers slide out, revealing removable, configurable partitions. In fact, you can also configure the layout of the drawers inside the cabinet itself, also via included partitions.

vadolibero domus r3 bike storage cabinet

At some point, you’ll notice the drawers slide out either way and the cabinet has no back. Are you sick of the abstract, amorphous sculpture of fluted and tastefully glazed acrylic that currently serves as the centerpiece of your house’s marble atrium? Simply discard it in favor of the functional and tasteful Domus R3.

Finally, if you lean even more functional, the Domus features plenty of modular additions. You can seamlessly add the side unit (sold separately) for more storage.

The “endurable freestanding element” features its own hanging rod and drawer, and of course is available in all the key Vadolibero essences. There’s even another, narrower shelving unit that can house your “attractive objects and artwork.”

vadolibero domus r3 bike storage cabinet

Bike Storage Cabinet Specs and Pricing

Let’s get right to it: The Vadolibero Domus R3 will set you back MSRP $6,440. What else do you expect from a premium, purpose-driven Italian furniture that’s built of pure “essence”?

Interested parties can check it out at the furniture/tastemaker’s website. Quick specs below:

  • Height: 79″
  • Width: 79″
  • Depth: 24″
  • Handlebar: 94″
  • Weight: 276 lbs.
  • Also included: rubber mat to protect shelf from tire marks, 6 oakwood pegs, satin stainless steel wheel clamp, 2 leather hooks, 4 organizer bands

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