Microsoft Excel Launches ‘World Cup’ With $5,000 For The Most Excel-Lent

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If you’re known as the “Excel person” in the office, you’ll want to take note of Microsoft’s international exhibition match happening this week.

Referred to as a “financial modeling battle,” this showdown between geeks—where eight competitors representing eight countries will showcase their Excel skills on June 8—will be broadcast live on YouTube.

According to Kotaku, participants will be given 40 minutes to solve a problem by crafting a financial model using Microsoft Excel, before having to answer judges’ questions pertaining to their model.

While this may be the largest-scale contest so far, it isn’t a new thing for the organizer Financial Modeling World Cup, which runs such competitions monthly. The current season has been underway since the start of 2021, with over 190 competitors taking part.

There’s even an open ranking system showing the regional champions, and the final champion of the season will get a chance to walk away with US$5,000 for their excellent Excel skills.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a participant next season? Visit the Financial Modeling World Cup’s site here for more details.

[via Kotaku, cover image via PixieMe /]