Nowadays, people tend to live in small space for living

Most of them love to live in an apartment, condominium, or small house rather than in big house that needs much money to build and or decor. The designers and architects gives us gorgeous designs to live in a small space but functional. So, it will take less money than build big house with large area.

See this apartment that build in a small area with simple touch of colors. It has important room for living such as living space, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and even a tiny spot for home office nook. With white color, it can be paired well with other colors as needed.

Even a tiny apartment can look super cool with a sofa for seating. With a white rectangular coffee table, we will see a minimalist look but modern. Then, the designer also installs many built-in shelves for additional storage to keep anything. This is an amazing design, isn’t it?

The designer chooses to apply blue color for this area with cooking. See the white cabinet for a touch of clean and tidy cooking space. There is a simple kitchen organizer to keep your cooking equipment as well. Then, the lighting is awesome too.

This apartment also provides us a space to sleep. The bed is completed with storage underneath to save your clothes, shoes, books, or whatever. Since this is a tiny apartment, it will be better for you to apply white hues for floor and wall.

For you who want to finish your project at home, this space is a perfect place to finish your work. With a white table and chair, you only need to bring your laptop. In other ways, you can use them for dining seating as well.

Here we have a built-in storage under the window that seen as minimalist furniture item. Save your books, family photograph, or other small pieces at these shelves. Even, the living space can be utilized for reading nook too.

What about the bathroom? As you can see at this picture, the location of bathroom is next to the cooking space. It doesn’t require large area, but small. With green touch bathtub and white curtain, this bathroom will give you more refreshing feels. Then, there is additional storage to keep towels and other essentials.

Overall, this is a tiny an apartment with minimalist design but felt like big house. It provides you anything you need, like a house.

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