Perfect Combinations to Liven Up Your Workspace

During this pandemic, most of people doing work from home. A lot of work is done at home. When you’re being chased by a deadline, you may find chaos at your desk. Things like tangled cables, documents everywhere that make you forget where to put them, lack of light, and also a sore back due to an uncomfortable chair. These things can affect to your mood and concentration. This condition requires you to have a comfortable workspace. You need the perfect combination of several elements, such as a desk, lamp, file organizer, and chair of course to liven up your workspace and make it comfortable. Take a look at some ideas below to inspire you.

Proper Desks

Using a proper desk will help you to get a good space to work. A desk include with an extra storage will help you to store your stuff and makes the desk looks more spacious. For example, you can use the storage to store your cable, mouse, USB, and other small items.


To accommodate all your work needs while at home, one of the furniture that must be owned is a slim desk made of wood with a lighter color. No need to worry about storing small items in this room because this desk design is equipped with three small drawers that can be used simultaneously at one time. A small pot on the desk becomes a fresh decoration that can instantly add to your work mood. Slim desk with three drawers from archify.


An easy way to bring a modern feel to your workspace decoration is to use a transparent glass desk with a thicker material so it won’t break easily when used for a long period of time. This desk design has empty space underneath which can be best utilized for small storage ideas by adding two iron baskets that can accommodate several important documents. Modern glass desk with storage basket underneath from goodhousekeeping.


To prevent messy and disorganized workspace decorations, choose smart furniture that is able to organize small storage that can be used as best as possible. For example, you can choose a desk with a built-in storage cabinet that has a fairly large size. With this storage, the room is free from clutter and of course you will get plenty of room to work comfortably. Multifunctional desk design from goodhousekeeping.


If you have a minimalist workspace with limited space, then you can use only one desk and one chair. To support storage in this room, choose a wooden desk which is equipped with a storage drawer underneath, in this drawer you can put some important documents out of reach of children. Repaint the desk with pastel colors to give the room a brighter and more colorful impression. Pastel desk design with drawers from goodhousekeeping.

A Good Lamp

Another element that must exist in your workspace is lighting fixtures. Provide a good lamp will help you to get a proper lighting and make the room looks bright. In this case, you can use task light that placed on the desk to help you focus on work. Choose in adjustable design, so you can adjust the height of the lamp depending on the light you need. You can choose a colored task light so that your workspace is more aesthetic and can give a pop of color.


The combination of hanging pendant lights with adjustable desk lights is the perfect combination that will help your work well while in the workspace area at night. Choose and use lights with white lighting so that they don’t sting your eyes too much when you work on a computer or laptop. During the day you can take advantage of the sunlight that enters the room through the glass window which is lined with a thin white curtain. The combination of pendant lamp with adjustable desk lamp from goodhousekeeping.


To support your office work at night in the workspace area, the use of lights is an important interior that must be owned. So that the lighting used is more focused on the desk area, you can use a task light that is placed on the side of the desk which is perfected by the use of hanging pendant lights in the same area. Choose a lamp with lighting that can be adjusted to your needs while in this room. Task light with hanging pendant lamp from archify.


Try to choose lights that are bright and dim enough to support your workspace decoration while still being comfortable to use during the day or night. Select the task lamp and place it on the side of the table so it doesn’t interfere with your work activities when in use. Lights that are too bright will make your eyes tired easily when looking at the computer screen. The material for this task light is dominated by metal material so that it is more durable and not easily damaged. Task light placed on the side of the desk from archify.


If you use a computer for work, you should use a desk lamp with white light, because when you use a lamp with yellow lighting, the light produced will sting your eyes too much, causing your eyes to tire easily and get sleepy. You can try the task lamp easily without having to be complicated. Task light with white light from archify.

File Holders

Avoid clutter on your desk by organizing your files neatly. You can use file holder to organize your file. You can get file holders that have several compartments that can hold your various types of files very neatly. These file holders for home office designs are usually stackable, and you can just pull them out when you are done storing files inside. This way, you do not have to worry about losing any paperwork because they can be easily stacked up on top of each other. You can label the file holder to make it easy to find.


To keep your desk surface neat and organized, you can use a single file holder which is equipped with a storage drawer that is placed right in the corner of the desk. With this file holder, all documents can be found in a faster time, take advantage of the drawer in the built-in desk to store some small items or important documents that are needed immediately. Single file holder from thespruce.


Do you have a lot of important documents that need to be stored neatly? If so, then you can use tiered file holders that can be pulled outward when used and pushed inward when finished. Choose a file holder that has a color that matches the feel of the workspace and desk so that they can be combined together in one room harmoniously. Place these file holders right next to your computer for easy access. Sliding file holders from thespruce.


Do not only use one file holder when there are large amounts of documents that must be stored, at least you can use three file holders made of thick paper and able to stand upright when used as document storage. Place these file holders right in the corner of your desk so they don’t interfere with your desk surface when used for work. Three thick paper holders from thespruce.


The more you have file holders in the workspace area, the document storage organization will also be more organized without clutter. Not only file containers, but storage organizers and sliding trash bins are also important interiors that must be owned for better work productivity. Make sure your desk surface is neater for maximum working comfort when you use it. Organization of file holders from countryliving.

Comfortable Chairs

It is crucial that you have comfortable chairs for home office decor. There are some types of chairs that you can choose from. Such traditional and ergonomically chairs. The ergonomically style allow you to adjustable features that allow you to change the angle of your chair in order to work the best ergonomic position for your body.


Traditional chairs can also be used as work chairs that are comfortable to use throughout the day. Combine with a thick glass desk that has a transparent surface so it looks more modern, decorate this desk surface with a flower vase that has a higher size so that it can be made into a beautiful view and focal point of the room. This traditional armchair can be used to put your hand so that it feels more relaxed. Traditional armchair from architecturaldigest.


Use an ergonomic chair that can support your back well so it doesn’t cause pain or soreness. You can choose this ergonomic chair with the main material of synthetic leather for a smoother surface and suitable for use for a long time while in the workspace, the material used is not easily moist and of course able to provide air circulation when you sit in this chair . Synthetic leather ergonomic chair from architecturaldigest.


When you are going to spend a long time in the workspace, choose furniture that makes you feel comfortable. Leave enough space under the desk for your legs to stretch freely. This ergonomic chair design with wheel legs is able to move you to the area around the workspace comfortably without having to stand. Make sure the height of the table matches your chair for maximum comfort. Ergonomic chair with wheels from architecturaldigest.


You don’t have to always use an ergonomic chair, now you can use a wooden chair with a smoother surface because it has been polished and repainted. This chair furniture will increase the comfort and productivity of your work so it is highly recommended to try, a folding table that can be closed into the main furniture which is suitable for decorating workspaces with limited space because it does not take up floor area at all. Painted and re-polished wooden chairs from architecturaldigest.

Having a good desk, lamp, organizer stuff, and comfortable chairs are a perfect combination to liven up your workspace and make it comfortable.