Prince William fought with Harry about Meghan’s ‘unhinged, sociopath’ behavior

The weeks before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview were chaotic, to say the least. That was when we saw the full scope of the Windsor klan’s clownshow, as they veered to and from self-made catastrophes. One of the biggest catastrophes was the Times of London hit job organized (blatantly) by Kensington Palace, wherein palace sources insisted that Meghan was a terrible bully who destroyed the lives of palace staffers by… looking at them and asking them to do their jobs. We honestly never got details on just what Meghan did that was so soul-crushing to so many (white) people, but I have my theories.

We later learned that many of Meghan’s so-called bullying victims never even filed official complaints, and it was likely some kind of campaign organized as a failsafe by Jason Knauf. Still, Buckingham Palace took it and ran with it at first, announcing a big, splashy investigation into the bullying claims just before the Oprah interview aired. It was a naked attempt at character assassination and Meghan said as much in her response. Post-Oprah-interview, BP hired an outside law firm to conduct the investigation into the claims. Meghan’s lawyers also requested all materials related to the investigation, plus Meghan wants a chance to provide her own receipts about that shambolic time spent in the Kensington Palace offices.

We haven’t heard much about any of this for months, honestly, and you know BP wanted this issue to just go away. But Willileaks persisted. Friends of William (meaning William) went to Robert Lacey to describe the Cambridge side of the “Meghan is a bully” story. Lacey included the Keen side in the paperback copy of Battle of Brothers, which includes twelve new chapters, apparently. Lacey’s sources tell him that the Cambridges didn’t fall out with the Sussexes after the H&M’s south Pacific tour. Oh no – the falling out was in the weeks before the tour, with William being engorged with rage about Meghan bullying staffers. You can read the full Lacey excerpt here. Some highlights:

Jason Knauf, organizer: Most Kensington Palace courtiers were noted for the comparatively long tenures of their comfortable and prestigious jobs. But it came to look as if employees could not wait to escape service with Harry and Meghan. Those who left formed themselves into an informal fraternity that they titled the “Sussex Survivors’ Club”. They had finally hit back, and their organising agent had been PR man Jason Knauf. Knauf described Meghan’s treatment of one aide as “totally unacceptable . . . the duchess seems intent”, he wrote, “on always having someone in her sights”. Specifying another staff member, Knauf alleged Meghan had been bullying her as well, “seeking to undermine her confidence”. His office had received “report after report”, he wrote, from people who had witnessed “unacceptable behaviour” by Meghan towards this member of staff.

PTSD because of the Black duchess. Post-traumatic stress disorder was a deeply serious condition to allege — flashbacks, nightmares and feelings of deep anxiety — but that was how one complainant said that they had felt. Several people maintained they had been “humiliated” by the duchess, and that criticism extended to Harry as well. “I overheard a conversation between Harry and one of his top aides,” recalled one Kensington Palace courtier. “Harry was screaming and screaming down the phone. Team Sussex was a really toxic environment. People shouting and screaming in each other’s faces.”

Engorged with rage: Shouting and screaming? PTSD? Making people feel sick? Prince William went ballistic when he heard the “dossier of distress” that Knauf had gathered. We do not know whether the communications secretary brought his allegations directly to his boss or submitted them via Simon Case. What we do know is that the prince was astonished and horrified. He was instantly furious at what he heard.

William always knew that Meghan was hostile, huh: For William, Knauf’s allegations also clarified something that the prince had long believed — that Meghan was fundamentally hostile towards the royal system, which she failed to understand as an outsider. William wondered if she had not wanted to leave from the very start — even dreaming, perhaps, that she could whisk Harry back with her to North America.

Friends of William know so many details: [This account] relies upon William’s personal account of these events to one of his friends who then spoke to this author. The moment the prince heard the bullying allegations, he related to this friend, he got straight on the phone to talk to Harry — and when Harry flared up in furious defence of his wife, the elder brother persisted. Harry shut off his phone angrily, so William went to speak to him personally. The prince was horrified by what he had just been told about Meghan’s alleged behaviour, and he wanted to hear what Harry had to say.

A fight about Meghan’s agenda: The showdown between the two siblings was fierce and bitter. William’s pre-engagement questioning of Meghan’s suitability had been quite reasonable, in William’s opinion. His fraternal doubts had been provisional, based upon how the new recruit appeared to be. The elder brother did not really know Meghan in those early days. But now William had seen enough of his sister-in-law to feel sure that, sadly, he did know her and that many of his reservations linked unhappily with what Knauf’s colleagues had alleged. William believed Meghan was following a plan — “agenda” was the word he used to his friend — and the accusations he had just heard were alarming. Kate, he said, had been wary of her from the start. Meghan was undermining some precious principles of the monarchy, if she really was treating her staff in this way, and William was upset that she seemed to be stealing his beloved brother away from him. Later courtiers would coin a hashtag — #freeHarry. It was only half a joke.

Meghan the sociopath? “Meghan portrayed herself as the victim,” recalled one Kensington Palace staffer, “but she was the bully. People felt run over by her. They didn’t know how to handle this woman. They thought she was a complete narcissist and sociopath — basically unhinged. Which was why the pair of them were drawn to each other in the first place — both damaged goods.”

William kicked out Harry & Meghan: William, for his part, felt just as strongly about Meghan and the need for her subversive “agenda” to be removed from the operations of the British monarchy, which she did not appear to understand or respect. He certainly wanted Meghan removed, for a start, from the hitherto harmonious joint household that he and his brother had operated together for the best part of a decade. William simply did not want her or Harry around any more…. It was William who made the decisive move. Following his furious confrontation with his younger brother in the autumn of 2018, the prince instructed Simon Case to start the process of dividing their two households immediately. William wished to be separated from Meghan on a day-to-day basis — and that meant being separated from his brother as well. “William,” says a friend, “threw Harry out.”

[From Robert Lacey’s website]

“They didn’t know how to handle this woman. They thought she was a complete narcissist and sociopath — basically unhinged. Which was why the pair of them were drawn to each other in the first place — both damaged goods.” Yeah, let me give these absolute buffoons a pro-tip: when smearing someone with a decades-long professional career, keep your claims and your lies reasonable and believable. I can believe that Meghan didn’t walk on eggshells around people, that she perhaps came across as too American, too direct, too abrasive in work-related situations among the lazy, racist and salty palace employees. But “unhinged”? “Sociopath”? This coming from the guy whose go-to emotion is incandescent rage? Know thyself, Baldemort.

Anyway, I know people are really worked up about this story and the Sussex Squad is ready to do battle. But guess what? Meghan still has those receipts. Meghan has lawyers. Meghan isn’t being controlled and erased by these clowns anymore. Let them tell their stories and make their unhinged accusations. And Meghan will drop her receipts.

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