Royal Craft Wood Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividers (Set of 4)

Are you cursed with one of those big open kitchen drawers that desperately needs some kind of order but you’ve never found an organizer tray thing that fits quite right? You should look into getting these expandable bamboo dividers that split the drawer into whatever-sized sections you like, and will fit the drawer’s depth perfectly as long as it’s 17″–22″ front to back.

The extensions are spring-loaded to make installation as painless as possible, and they have foam pads on the ends that not only keep the partitions in place, but also keep them from scratching the drawer surface.

Really, these can be used in any type of drawer in your house — doesn’t have to be in the kitchen alone. You might find yourself wanting to grab several packs to install all over the place.

Get a four-pack for $25 on Amazon in your choice of natural, white, gray, or black.

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