Set Your Goals and Get Organized With a Daily Planner

In the age of smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and social media, it’s tough to tell someone you missed an appointment simply because you forgot. With so many ways to schedule events and set reminders, it’s never been easier to stay organized. But for many people, writing things down the old fashioned way in a daily planner is still the best way to get and stay organized.

Studies have shown that people retain information better when writing it down versus typing. That means writing down your flight info instead of adding it to your digital calendar so you’ll have a much better chance at remembering your takeoff time. Using a daily planner is also better for visual learners who like to be able to plan out their week, including their workload, social activities, meal prep, exercise routine, goals and more. Plus, there’s something very satisfying about ticking off a completed task in your planner.

Whether you’re tired of constantly forgetting the timing of conference calls or you prefer the feel of writing down your plan for the year, a daily planner is a tried, tested and true way to ensure you are as organized as possible. Check out our favorite daily planners below.

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