Some people spend their hours at work chained to a desk, but others do a lot of work on the go

For those of us who need to accomplish a lot in the car, mobile office organization tips help keep us on top of our working on the go game. Here are the mobile office organization tips you need to stay ahead!

Mobile Office Organization Tips

Whether you work in the car or have a favorite spot staked out in your local coffee shop, you need mobile office organization. Good organization helps you pack and keep track of your professional needs {such as business cards, brochures, forms and electronics} as easily as possible. Keep reading for the tips to help.

Mobile Office Briefcase

A good bag or briefcase is a must for a mobile office. And there are tons of options out there, so try to narrow down what you’re looking for before you shop. Do you need laptop pocket? How about spots for business cards, brochures and file folders? Keep your specific needs in mind so you can get exactly what you want.

Mobile Office Organization Bag

When a regular size bag or briefcase won’t do, invest in a mobile office bag. A mobile office bag is larger, but comes on wheels like a suitcase to make it easier to maneuver. One of these can carry all your work essentials for you, wherever you go. These are also handy for airplane travel!

Mobile Office Organization For Your Car

Your car is probably a big part of your mobile office. The key is not to allow your car to become dump for all those papers and other supplies you aren’t sure what to do with.

To keep control, try an organizer in your trunk. That gives you a spot to temporarily stash the things you need to move to your home or office. Look for an organizer that’s portable, so you can easily carry it along when you need the stuff that’s inside.

Working In The Car

Sometimes it is necessary to get some work done while someone else drives. In these cases, be prepared with a lap desk or writing board you can use in the car. A compact lap desk that supports your laptop in a moving car {or on a bus, plane or train} is always a great idea for someone who works in the go!

Final Mobile Office Organization Tips

No matter what you do, make a plan and keep it. That means having specific spots for everything so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Never let any paperwork float loose in the car. Keep all personal items in your car organized, and keep your car clean. Because you never know when your car could become a meeting spot for an important client!

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