The 12 Best Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

Vinyl records hold priceless and beautiful recollections of the past. One of the most innovative creations ever made, owning a record offers you a different listening experience than most modern inventions. While there are many ways to consume music these days, for many, the analog sound of a vinyl record is unsurpassed. While many people love collecting them, you need to be careful with your vinyl records. For that reason, it is essential that your collection is stored correctly.

Investing in a proper storage space must be your top priority. After all, it becomes our duty to preserve such treasures and protect them for future generations. With this article, we have put together the leading storage solutions that will keep your vinyl records safe and sound. Let’s check them out!

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1. IKEA Kallax

IKEA Kallax


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The name in itself is enough to convey the quality of this product. The IKEA Kallax series is the standard storage unit that has a variety of sizes, depending on your needs. There are a wide number of grid options with an assortment of colors. They can be effortlessly customized with their distinctive choice of doors, boxes, and other addable shelves. With its simple design, you can make it stand against a wall or place it in the middle to create an automatic room divider and furnish your space with an elegant finish. 

Each board has a frame mostly made of fiberboard, particleboard, and solid wood. The inside has a honeycomb structure with 100% recycled paper filling. Besides being engineered for its durability, the board is also covered with a protective paint coating and paper foil. Needless to say, putting the unit together is child’s play and is an excellent option for storing your vinyl records.


2. LPBIN2 Vinyl Record Storage Cabinet

LPBIN2 Vinyl Record Storage Cabinet


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If you want a small and spacious cabinet, this is a trustworthy option to store your records. The design is suitable for all types of rooms, and its extensive storage capacity easily accommodates around 560 12″ vinyl records. 

The 18 G.A. thick shelves are made predominantly of steel and are coated with black powder. The long grain and durable black particleboard sides are exceptionally sturdy and of top-notch industrial quality. The bottom section allows you to store the LPs vertically on its sides. On the top section, a raised back bin makes it even easier for you to pick out your favorite records according to your mood. 

The LPBIN2 cabinet has a width and depth of 28 ½” and 28 ¼”. It is 27″ wide and 13″ deep inside the bins and the bottom shelf, making it easy for you to skim through the records. The 48″ high cabinet also contains detachable center dividers for organized storage and comes with optional additions to enhance your storage facilities. 


3. Department Chicago Medium Sliding Door Record Storage Cabinet

Department Chicago Medium Sliding Door Record Storage Cabinet


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Inspired by a vintage mid-century American design, this cabinet will be an elegant addition to your living space. It can hold an estimated 150-200 records, depending on the proportions of the cabinet. While the design makes it easier for you to pick your records, the flat cabinet top also allows you to place accessories like house plants, lamps, or audio equipment. Above the storage space, a rectangular shelf inside can also accommodate other components. 

Constructed of natural walnut veneer, the material employs low VOC water-based stain and a durable poly top for a robust finish. It comes in multiple dimensions and the sliding glass door gives it a rich finish, and the exceptional build quality will last for decades. 


4. Huron Vinyl Storage Rack

Huron Vinyl Storage Rack


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If you are looking for a small and compact rack to store your prized possessions, then this might be the one for you. The material is made of 70% MDF, 10% mango wood, 15% mango wood veneer, and 5% steel, all imported and natural. The metal is used in the base shelf as separators for the records. 

Taking inspiration from topographical patterns, Huron’s vinyl storage rack has a stunning design with exquisite curved edges and finishes. This orderly rack fits in all tight spaces with its 34″ x 15.5″ x 23.5″ dimensions. The shelf has a measurement of 15″, and the removable clearance or leg height comes to 6.9″.

It weighs a moderate 27.2 lbs. and can efficiently manage a weight limit of 27 lbs. on the top shelf and 30 lbs. at the bottom. Huron Vinyl Storage Rack adds charm to your room decor with a stylish and unique appeal.


5. Atochadesign Record Stand

Atochadesign Record Stand


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This record stand gives a distinctive appearance to your room with its unique leg configuration. It has a variety of colors and materials for you to select from and is suited for both a home space and a workspace.

The legs are American walnut hardwood and have additional painted options. The bases are solid-birch hardwood core plywood and are free of formaldehyde and lead. The top layer is made of hardwood veneer to prevent the typical sagging or warping.

On the inside, it is separated into six bins, and each of them can roughly accommodate 50 LPs. It has a storage capacity of 300 LPs and has dimensions of 47″ x 43 ¾” x 24″. 


6. Symbol Aero Cabinet Program

Symbol Aero Cabinet Program


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While this comes with an extravagant price tag, we can assure you that it is worth every cent. It looks plain and simple on the outside and has the traditional look of other vinyl storage cabinets. However, you will understand the reasoning when you look into the drawers. 

It strikingly comes with a swiveling bin that bears a storage capacity of 120 LPs, ensuring complete protection of the records. When you swivel open the compartment, it gives you easy access to view and pick the record you need. An inbuilt audio rack provides a vibration damped stable base for all heavy audio equipment. Additionally, a solid wood gliding drawer is engineered to hold CDs, DVDs, and even 45s. 

The maple cabinets are constructed of solid North American hardwoods and come in three solid colors. The manufacturer also provides customizable storage options with four standard heights, three standard widths, and flattering storage facilities.

Besides designing a flawless record holder for all applications, their commitment to environment-friendly production has also earned them the Silver Status from the Sustainable Furniture Council. 



7. Divider Records Bedford V2 Unit

Divider Records Bedford V2 Unit


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This vinyl record holder is hand-built in the United States and uses only the finest solid wood. It perfectly fits most living spaces without taking much area and can store up to 300 records. 

The design encloses a forward-facing storage structure and consists of top and bottom sections. They have a divider on both units to help you store your records evenly and for easy identification. It is available with an assortment of hardwood materials, although the base material is popular with stain A, B, or C. The other hardwoods you can select from are maple, walnut, and cherry. 

A crossbar is fitted at the front face to keep your records intact, and you get to choose between galvanized, black, or copper. It ensures a high-quality finish as it is coated finely with oil or water-based polyurethane. The manufacturer requires a lead time of 10-12 weeks, and they enclose all necessary instructions and hardware for partial assembly. 


8. Target Loring 8 Cube Bookshelf

Target Loring 8 Cube Bookshelf


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An easy storage solution, this rectangular bookshelf can efficiently be utilized to accommodate your vinyl records. It comes with two shelves and eight cubic storage compartments that are 13.5″ in height and width each. The overall height and width of the structure measure 34″ and 57.62″, and has a total depth of 13.38″. A metal frame keeps the structure rigid and takes a portion of its 94 lbs. weight. 

The surface material is paper veneer, and a solid patternless wood finish makes the bookshelf stand out by giving it a natural look. The storage compartment has to be partially completed by you after its delivery, and some of the tools are provided by the manufacturer themselves. 

The product is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, awarded for skillfully managing the base materials with environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable means of production. 


9. CB2 Coyne Credenza

CB2 Coyne Credenza


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This stunning rectangular-shaped rich grain furniture can be used as a suitable LP record storage facility. The design is exceptionally eloquent that the two-tone wood can be used in any setting, be it in an office space or your bedroom. 

Constructed in Vietnam, renowned for being one of the world’s foremost furniture producers, the manufacturer utilizes a walnut frame coated with olive wood veneer to present a graphic pop of natural color. The whole structure rests on a plinth base, providing the unit and your commodities inside complete protection. 

The overall dimensions stand at 29″ x 70.75″ x 19.5″, and the interior accounts for 23″ in height, 69.6″ in width and 17.5″ in depth. The flat top surface also provides open-space storage options, and the product includes cutouts for cord management. It follows the usual cleaning procedures as other vinyl record storing furniture. 


10. Urban Outfitters Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack

Urban Outfitters Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack


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Inspired by a retro design, this metal storage rack has been structured to hold your records facing downwards. While it should not be a problem while hunting for a particular vinyl disc, you need to make sure to vertically place a minimum number of vinyl on each shelf to prevent its warping. It also greatly reduces the number of discs you can store, making it applicable only for a limited collection. 

Made entirely of iron, it includes three spacious shelves that can additionally be used as a multi-purpose storage option. With dimensions of 13.75″ x 9″ x 35″, this vinyl storage rack also gives straightforward access to magazines, papers, books, and other daily-use items. 

The manufacturers provide different shipping methods for your convenience and expense. Urban Outfitters Vinyl Storage Rack is best kept as an option if you are under a budget or want to display a select few LPs. 


11. Boltz LP Album Storage Rack

Boltz LP Album Storage Rack


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Made in the United States from solid steel, this three-shelf album storage rack will enable you to flaunt your collection with its attractive presentation. With a maximum weight accommodation of 275 lbs. per shelf, you can hold up to 90 vinyl records in each division. 

The figures of its dimensions come to 45″ in height, 20″ wide and 12″ in-depth, and 13½” usable height between each shelf. You also get the option to purchase additional shelves if you later find out that you require more space for storage.

Without doubt, the storage rack will be heavy, but the manufacturer has got that covered and provides optional casters to help in the mobility of your stand. It is shipped in parts and no tools are necessary for its assembling. 


12. Hammacher Schlemmer The Aficionado’s 800 LP Organizer

Hammacher Schlemmer The Aficionado’s 800 LP Organizer


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This LP storage rack comes in two adaptable types. If you are a fan of the bookshelf model, you can make it stand vertically to showcase your prized possessions while also saving space. With little help, you can easily make it sit horizontally like a console table and get a flat top surface. Either way, the rack is divided into eight shelves and can hold 100 LPs each, totaling it to an impressive 800 vinyl capacity.

Constructed of engineered wood veneers, you get to pick a black or walnut color for your rack. With a total dimension of 60″ x 30″ x 13½”, it weighs 110 lbs. and requires some assembly from your side. With an excellent build quality and rock-solid shelving, the manufacturers have also included wall mounting hardware to assist your LP library and guarantee a lifetime usability.


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