[VIDEO] DIY Room Organization | Pinterest Hacks Tested!

Keeping organized can help you achieve tons of goals, simply by improving your focus and overall well-being. (Don’t believe me? Read this.)

That’s why starting off 2016 with some simple DIY room organization can be the ticket to actually keeping your New Year resolutions. Because I’m naturally a bit messy, my resolution is actually to just be more organized. I’m hoping that it will increase my productivity so I can work on more DIY projects and crafts!

SO! My first step towards enacting my resolution was to check out Pinterest for some DIY room organization (DUH!). But like many of you avid Pinterest-philes probably know, sometimes Pinterest ideas look better than they work. That’s where RachhLoves’ handy video comes in — she tests DIY room organizations hacks on Pinterest so we don’t have to!

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She walks us through 6 popular organization-oriented Pinterest hacks, including:

DIY Room Organization | Pinterest Hacks Tested!

1. Hanger + shower curtain rings = DIY scarf rack.DIY Room Organization


2. Spice rack + office supplies = DIY office supply holder.

DIY Room Organization


3. Silverware holder + pens = DIY pen holder & organizer.

DIY Room Organization


4. Disk rack + folders = DIY filing cabinet/mail organizer.

DIY Room Organization


5. Paper + Post-it Notes = DIY planner.

DIY Room Organization


6. Shower caddy + small items = DIY organizer.


See RachhLoves test out these Pinterest hacks and then decide whether you’ll give them a shot. (Hint: some are awesome!!)


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